Founded in 1999, Vidsyn started out as a one man project by Nattsjel, but has had many full-time and session members during its life time. Today Vidsyn is once again a one man project.

Vidsyn combines a mixture of both modern and old black metal where the lyrics reflects the Norwegian nature with snow and frost.

At the first live gig Nattsjel had two session players with him; Hr. Holm who played drums for Swedish Gates of Isthar and Azagtoth. And Hr. Skjśrstad who is a guitar player, stepped in as bass player. We only played covers.

Vidvandre joined as a full time member Feb. 2001 but was never really active in the band because of injury in a car accident. We came to an understanding that he should quit the band.

Evral (Explicit Karma, Wyruz) joined as a full-time member on drums but only did one live gig with Vidsyn.

Michtian (Explicit Karma) joined months after filling the second guitar also attended one gig.

Evral and Michtian got fired from the band due to long distance, few rehearsals and their commitment to their other bands.

Nattsjel went to Space Valley Studio to record the first demo entitled "On Frostbitten Path Beneath" which became the debut demo from Vidsyn. It shows the level of quality Vidsyn holds. This is why famous artists like Hellhammer and Nocturno Culto wished to contribute on the demo when they where asked.