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Interview with Beccamorti zine, October 2007

By Fulmineos

1.Hail! Please tell us what is important to know about you band and is you view about black metal in general?

Hail! Vidsyn comes from Norway and plays blackmetal with feeling and rawness. I think the scene is being washed out, to use that word. There are no defined borders on what really is blackmetal today. However you have two different styles to choose from: Oldschool blackmetal and blackmetal. Old school is off course bands/style like Darkthrone, old Emperor etc. I this this kind of blackmetal is easily recognized by most people hehe

For other blackmetal bands they use subgenre names like symphonic blackmetal or they just compare it to something already released by other bands. Some bands also try to be innovative and use all kind of instruments and arrangement in their songs to step out of the crowd. The new Limbonic Art is brilliant but can you call it blackmetal? I don’t know…. Also some claim Ulver is a part of the blackmetal scene but they only released one blackmetal album (two if you count Bergtatt) and after that they have released everything from trip hop to ambient. Still as I said some people think they are “blackmetal” or even metal so they are sold in metal stores as any other metal release. Strange when you think about it.

2.What is the meaning of your band's name and please draw a line between "On Frostbitten Path Beneath" EP and the last split you have released with Taake. By the way do you plan to release in the near future a full-lenght CD?

The word “Vidsyn” can have many different interpretations but if you would translate the name into English it would mean something like “wide sight” or “wide view”. The reason I picked the name is because its taken from the Norse mythology: Odin’s ravens were “vidsynte” meaning their eyes could cover a huge amount of landscape and report back to Odin. The word Vidsyn can also mean that one is open-minded about things. The name just suits the band and I think it’s a excellent name.

“On Frostbitten Path Beneath” CD and the song called “Men Of Eight” which are found on the split with Taake are a very much alike. Although I think “Men Of Eight” is a step in the right direction for Vidsyn both musically and lyrically. I’ve used a good amount of time on the lyrics for this song so read it if you get the chance. “Men Of Eight” is a bit faster yet it has some female choirs and acoustic guitars in a perfect mix. The sad thing about this song is that it we had too little time in the studio so the song could turn out much better production wise.

Vidsyn will release two more albums with Agonia records but I don’t know when at this moment. Maybe as soon as next year.

3.The style you play is sort of "traditional" one, what do you want to express with it, what is the concept behind Vidsyn?

All songs that I made comes from feelings that I have to let out, and in Vidsyn that feelings are more about the nature. Like how the nature could easily kill one if you let your guard down. Mountains, forests and warriors are thinks that goes through my mind when I write the songs and lyrics. There are also a sad tone to the riffs and if you just focus on the melody you hear what I’m talking about. I don’t use a lot of time thinking about what Vidsyn should be or not be. I just want to express myself in a way I think suits me best. 4.I noticed the band members are involved in other projects, can you briefly present them...why do you need to express differently, do they have any connection with Vidsyn from ideological or musical point of view?

There is really to many to mention them all but here are a short list:

Nattsjel: Inject Hate – Deathmetal
Náttsól – Blackmetal in the vein of Ulver – Bergtatt album.
Century Losses – Death/doom

Assar: Inject Hate – Deathmetal
Jernbyrde – Blackmetal (old school)

Decepticon: Nebular Mystic (blackmetal)

None of these projects/band are linked to Vidsyn in anyway or form. The only band that has a link is Inject Hate which both me and Assar plays in.

5.You worked in the past with Hellhammer from Mayhem,was he a member of the band of just helping you out at the studio-sessions?

He was just a helping hand. I didn’t have a drummer at that time since the last one got fired some month before I entered the studio, I needed someone that could do the songs without to much practice. Hellhammer is a brilliant drummer so we didn’t even rehearsal the songs and he did all 5 songs in a day.

6.We are living now in different ages as when black metal was at it’s best and the mighty bands released albums like "In the Nightside Eclipse" or "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas". What do you think about the scene of nowdays? Do you think that many of nowdays technological improvements made us more artificial and lazy in our actions and feelings? How is the black metal scene in your country nowdays?

There were only a few people in the Norwegian blackmetal scene and that has changed dramatically. Almost everyone you meet has heard of blackmetal or a blackmetal band today. And you can see it on national TV (music shows, awards or interviews) and hear them on national radio. You could pick up a lot of blackmetal on your local gas station, in the early days you could only order it from the bands or special shops like Helvete.

Also when there was only a handful band, the releases was much more anticipated then today. There were a lot of trading and much closer bonds with other band. Today you rarely see other bands you just talk to them over the internet.

Today everyone owns a computer and recording software, or even a home studio. So music is spread like fire over the internet. I think it’s a good thing that young musicians can make music and make them selves heard but there is a lot, and I mean a lot of crap released and distributed today.

I don’t know what to say about the blackmetal scene… I think its more or less dead if you think about the one that we had in the ‘87-‘96 but we have a metal scene and I think its a pretty good one.

7.What do you know about my country, Romania...many say that the natural surroundings, like endless forests or magic mountains are a-like...

I never been to Romania but I would like to go there to do some gigs. The little I know about Romania is in books I read and on TV. I’ve talked to some people from Romania and they say that nature is a lot alike, so I guess that’s true then.

8. Thank you for your time and good luck in the future! If something was left out please fell free to add, Have a pleasant evening!

Thank you for taking the time to make this interview!

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Interview with Volchv Magazine, May 2007

By Jozef

1. Greets Nattsjel! Off, I must own up, that I feel great, if I create questions for Vidsyn. You belong to these bands, with them I always want to realize interview and if there are no rumors about your visit in Slovakia and Czech Republic, I would still think, that Vidsyn no exists! So, my first question is, how does it look now?

Hi! We have had a break for some time. Other projects take so much time but we‘re hoping to make the next album early in 2008

2. You are surely satisfied with good responses on music quality of Vidsyn. Some bands debate question, if they would go somewhere on, or they should stay and record next album in the same style. What way do you go in the future?

I hope the next album will be a mixture of Ulver – Bergtatt and the sound Vidsyn have today. What I mean is that I would like to incorporate more acoustic guitars then I have done on my previous songs and also maybe more clean choirs. Also the song Men Of Eight, which ended up as a split on Taake/Vidsyn 7“, is in the direction I want to take the new songs.

3. Line-up of Vidsyn had a lot of changes and previous members. Everybody asked you about the Nocturno Culto and Hellhammer, but YOU are a main creator of all music in Vidsyn. They are well-known black metal „prominent“, and that is good point for propagation. What’s struck me, most of press wrote about big session in album... How is that on your point of view?

I never though about the selling points. When I asked them to join the ranks for this album I had other reasons. I asked Hellhammer since I didn’t have a drummer and I needed a session drummer for this demo/MCD as quick as possible. I’ve stalled the recordings for so long for several reasons so finally I just decided to book time in studio and do it.

I knew that Hellhammer takes things fast and could do all drum takes in studio quick and therefore cheap for me. Remember this was all done by me: Songs, lyrics, cover (on demo) and then naturally all expenses where paid by me. As for Nocturno Culto I just thought he’s voice could fit perfectly on „Evil Rises Darkness Falls“. That song was made especially for him and his vocal. In studio he ended up doing that song, and „Stormesend Winter Realm“.

If I could turn back time and the recoding again, I don’t think I would have asked Nocturno Culto or Hellhammer to join in. It’s so stupid but a majority of zines and reporters seems to focus more on those two people, since they are legends, then on the actual band or the music. Did I sell more records because of their names are on the booklet? Yes off course, but that was never my attention or goal. I rather have a few people dig into the music and find something there that makes them want to hear more. Now it seems that people only mentions Vidsyn in the same sentence as Hellhammer and Nocturno Culto.

All the paths in life are lessons to be learned and I’ve learned this: If you’re a small band just don’t think about getting someone famous to play on your record. People never remember the band just the famous people. On the other hand, if you ARE famous or play in a famous band you can get anybody in the world to play on your records because then it’s suddenly ok. Look how much shit I got and look at band like for example Enslaved, on their latest album they had more famous people then I did and it doesn’t even get mentioned. But when you’re small and unimportant, you just try to „buy“ your way to fame. The whole metal scene is really fucked.

4. You music is full of natural forces and is very personal, I find it perfect. You will certainly add some more remarks... Do you have first lyrics or you compose just in complete music? Do album presents a compact lyric unit or the songs are independent from each other?

I’ve usually make the songs first then the lyrics later. When I make the songs I know where and how the vocals would be but the actual lyrics come later.

I’ve made some songs for another band, that takes most of my time these days, and I do all the prerecording at home. When I make the pre vocals I just press record and scream. So like a month later when we start to look at the lyrics, it usually ends up with the words I’ve recorded before. So I think that it somehow comes naturally.

The lyrics on the album are not concept lyrics and are viewed independent but they do have some basic ground rules.

5. A very strong “Immortal” influence on “On Frostbitten Path Beneath” can obviously not be denied. I don´ t mean plagiarism or something like that... You certainly know about comeback of this legendary band. Did you hear to Abbath new project „I“? Are you satisfied with that? And another question: What do you think about comebacks of old „heroes“ and new albums all of them?

I’ve went to the first live show that „I“ had and I was a bit disappointed because it then sounded a bit flat, like a withered copy of Immortal. I later ordered the CD so I could listen to a little bit more in depth. And it sounded great. Maybe things didn’t turn out the way it should at the concert because this was something else. Great album!

I think comebacks are great. There are many bands that I didn’t get to see when I was young that I can get a chance to see when they resurrect. 6. It certainly seems that the Norse mythology and pagan aspects have a big effect on your life.

It’s not so much the Norse mythology but more the symbolic around things. My lyrics are based upon nature and not so much mythology.

7. Do you have any favorite mythological story, or imagine or something?

There are many good stories from Norse mythology, but I’m going to write part of a Vidsyn lyric instead. It’s taken from Men Of Eight.

“Mesmerized they fell - Under black winged As the dying sun - Became possessed forever

Dead bodies covered - By blood and weapons On frozen white ground - Truly a sight for kings”

8. Since times of recording debut… more than 3 years run away, so... What was the reason of so long time without new songs?

This is not actually the truth because we recorded a song called „Men Of Eight“ which appears on Taake/Vidsyn split. Aside from that I believe that the next album will come when it’s ready. There’s no reason to make something that sounds like crap just to release something. I made some new songs, or ideas for songs if you like, but I don’t think they are good enough. We’re still signed for 2 more full-length albums at Agonia Records, so time will tell when it’s due.

9. Who takes care of your websites? It feels very compactly and they rank among sites on which one always likes to come back. Is black/white outlift point of connection with traditional black metal image?

The site is updated and fixed by me but the design was made by my brother Assar, he works as a web designer so he do it fast and good.

Black/white certainly is the old school imagery for blackmetal.

10. Nowadays, it is customary to divide black metal records into those „underground“ and „commercial“. Some are glad to be somewhere in the middle. What’s your opinion of it? How would you classify Vidsyn?

I think Vidsyn falls in the „underground“ category. I don’t think it matters as long as you make good music and people buy/trade/listen to your music because it gives them something. On the other hand you could end up being hype that everybody is buying, but not listening to.

11. Are live performances important event for you own? What it means for you? Do you like that intensive confrontation with public? I saw on your website some information about Vidsyn shows. Are we looking for touring of Vidsyn across our countries in future? How is the quality of clubs in Norway? I mean sounds, fans etc...

I can’t think of anything more rewarding then standing on a stage and playing your own songs in front of a wild audience. We where scheduled to do a European tour with Impiety. Sadly they resigned the last weeks before the tour so it got cancelled. Agonia Records want us to release another album before we go on tour in Europe. In Norway we fix all the gigs ourselves.

The clubs in Norway are both good and bad. Some places it‘s really great to play and other it’s a real shithole. Just like every other place on the earth I recon.

12. What about you and Christianity? I’m interested of your opinion on religion in general and of your „life philosophy“...

In Norway we have state church that means that the constitutional head is the reigning monarch of Norway, who is obliged to profess himself/herself to the Lutheran faith. It is subject to legislation and budgeting passed by the Norwegian parliament, and its central administrative functions is carried out by the Royal Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs.

There is continuous discussion about separating church and state in Norway. Currently, the possibility of holding a referendum about the separation is being debated. While most Norwegians use the church only for lifecycle events, a great many appreciate the tradition and institutions of the church. Although 86% of the Norwegian population belongs to the state church, only 10% attend church services or other religious meetings more than once a month.

I am not members of any faith-based organization and I’ve closed my membership in the state church for over 10 years ago. And I think most of the black metal bands in Norway, don’t consider themselves neither religious nor atheists, they just hate the forced religious system we got.

13. What interesting can we find in your town, what can you recommend to visitors? Certainly there meet varied types of people characters. Have you any bad experiences with human infatuation, misunderstanding of your music activities?

Rednecks and fuckers.
Mountains, forests and rivers.

People are somewhat afraid of the unknown: I’m unknown to them, my approach and looks are unknown to them. But I think everybody in Norway have heard blackmetal because it on the national TV, it’s on national radio, it’s in magazines etc.etc. Dimmu Borgir’s new album aired as number one on the biggest commercial billboard here in Norway. So people know about the music and it’s being more and more accepted.

14. What is your parent’s opinion on Vidsyn? Do they support you? In short, if you had to summarize your approach to day-to-day life, how would you do it?

My parents supports me. They think it’s cool, even though they have heard very little of the music I’ve made. They have on the other hand heard enough of other bands to know what it’s all about. I have to think further ahead then day-to-day since I’m a parent.

15. Do you have any favorite place in nature, where do you go to have a rest there...?

Sadly I don’t have that much time to wander into the mountains, but the place I like best is on the top of a mountain. Without doubt a great feeling.

16. Some short questions. What was the last record you bought?

I can name the last 4 I bought the last weeks:

DHG – Supervillain Outcast
Dimmu Borgir – In Sorte Diaboli
Mayhem – Ordo Ad Chao
Marduk – Rom 5:12

17. What’s the best thing about being you?

To be around the ones I love: my wife and kids.

18. Are you a difficult person to work with?


19. Who would you play you in a film about your life?

Nobody, it would be a pathetic movie hehe

20. Do you know about fresh incomprehensible excess of Taake on German festival in Essen? Especially because the split EP Vidsyn/Taake. That’s the reason why I ask you this question. Could you tell me your opinion?

It was a very stupid thing to do. When you visit other countries you must use your head and think about what’s appropriate thing to do and what’s not. The all have their laws, history, culture etc.

Norway was occupied by Germany under World War II, and the symbols Hitler used are old Norse symbols but people only know them as tools for hatred. Hoest probably just did it to shock and be rebellious but a little common sense would be good.

I’ve watched Samael did a concert in Norway for about 8 years ago where the front man did some Hitler sings and was all dressed up like Hitler. This wasn’t even mention after the gig because we already had the blackmetal wave here where with church burnings and killings. This didn’t shock us in other words. But some countries are more sensitive to different things.

You mention the split and to give my view on that: The Vidsyn song has poor production but the song is much more serious then the one from Taake.

21. A probably really overused, but nearly obligatory question is the following one: What’s up with Vidsyn in future?

We’ve still have 2 full-length albums to complete on Agonia Records so it’s just to throw some shit on the fan and see. Hopefully we can have the album ready in early 2008. Also we plan to do a European tour after the release of the next album.

22. Alright, we’ll conclude this interview by asking you to add anything you like to this interview…

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Interview with Panzerfaust Magazine

By Marcin

1. Hail Nattsjel! How’s life going in Norway?! I hope I didn’t interrupt you in some important, everyday duties… Ha, tell me how often do you have an occasion to answer interviews for such small, pure underground fanzines like PANZERFAUST?! Is there interest in VIDSYN, after AGONIA has released your debut miniCD?

Life is good now that the snow is covering every inch of the landscape! I’ll answer every interview I get as long as the questions are understandable. But since I’m quite busy it could take some time to answer long interviews.

The mini-CD release has resulted in a lot of attention from fans and zines… most of them are of positive character.

2. First of all, is there any chance to get the translation of your band-name? Why did you choose that one?

The word can have many different interpretations but if you would translate the name into English it would mean something like “wide sight” or “wide view”. From the Norse mythology, Odin’s ravens were “vidsynte” meaning their eyes could cover a huge landscape and report back to Odin. The word Vidsyn can also mean that one is open-minded about things. The name just suits the band and I think it’s an excellent name.

3. VIDSYN was formed in 1999, as I recollect well… How come you debuted with first demo so late, in 2004? Does that demo contain the same material we can listen to on your debut miniCD or it’s re-recorded, maybe even completely different?? How do you recollect composing of it? I guess it’s very personal material, since you’re the only real member of the band from that time…

The demo took some time to finish and there are many reasons for that. I can name a few: money, lazy session/band members… The demo is the same as the MiniCD the only difference is that on the mini-CD I re-recorded some of my vocal and mixed the whole thing before it got mastered at a different place then the demo. None of the instruments or vocals of Nocturno Culto have been re-recorded. The songs are very personal to me and they where made in a period of 5 years… the first song I’ve made out of the five on the mini-CD is “Stormsend Winter Realm” which was mostly made some time before Vidsyn was formed. It was in other words made before Immortals – At The Heart Of Winter, which people so acclaim that I have stolen all my ideas from. The reason for me being the only member from that time is that I’m the only member from that time, it was a one man project, nothing else. It has grown into a band after various numbers of members in the band… mostly it has only been me; I’m the only one making all the riffs and lyrics. Something that is going to change on the next album, how much is left to be heard.

4. How do you recollect the recording session of “On Frostbitten Path Beneath”? I really like the sound you’ve achieved! Was it difficult for you to handle all those instruments you played and at the same time keep an eye on everything, make sure that all’s done as it was supposed to be, like you intended it to be?

The demo took many years to get recorded so when I finally decided to get it done, it all happened so fast. I booked the studio for two days for the actual recoding and one day for mixing at Space Valley Studio. The first day and about the first half of the second day was used for recording the click tracks, guitar and drums. The funny thing is that I’ve never recorded anything after click in my whole life so that turned out to be quite an experience. But it didn’t take long before Hellhammer could record the drums. The second half of the second day was spent recording guitars and bass. I also recorded some vocals to have the parts ready for the next day. Of course after poring a good numbers of beer down my throat and sleeping in a friends bed, with his daughters cochin that was way to short for me, I woke up the next day with a sore throat. I went to the studio anyways and recorded the vocals and mixed the song as much as possible. Then Nocturno Culto and myself went to the studio a couple of days later to record his vocals and mixed the whole thing. I think we used half a day on the mixing. That was the finishing of the demo.

After I got signed by Agonia Records I went to the same studio and redid my vocals, not much satisfied that time around either, but the show must go on. I mixed the whole thing again in half a day and sent the songs for mastering in Poland.

It is not that hard to play guitar, bass and do the vocals. The most impressive thing is the drumming that Hellhammer did. I hope that someday I can use longer time in studio instead of just rushing things, if you know what I mean. The next album has some benefits like studio budget, which I hadn’t on the mini-CD.

5. I had an occasion to read a few reviews of “On Frostbitten Path Beneath” and well… it seems VIDSYN is “love it or hate it” band since reviews differ much – from enthusiastic opinions to very criticising ones. How do you feel about it? Do you get many reviews and care much about them, especially when reviewers didn’t like your music at all?

I read the reviews I see on the net and in magazine, but there is a big difference in the negative criticism and positive enthusiasm. The critics that hate the music often hate the band because I used two famous session members on the record. They tend to make the whole review into that I can’t make music and only got them on board to sell more. Well that’s a load of bullshit. You know they focus more on session members then on the actual music. Stating that I should have used more of the talent that Hellhammer and Nocturno Culto possess. Well it’s my music; I’ve made it for me. Not for you critics and that is why Hellhammer and Nocturno Culto did what I asked them to do. It wouldn’t have been Vidsyn if I made the whole music into Dimmu Borgir copycat just to prove that I can play technical stuff.. That is not what Vidsyn is all about. Vidsyn is a band with a lot of feeling, so if you like technical things, please steer away!

The funniest review I’ve read, this is for you and you know who you are, are just to sad to be true. A guy started the interview saying that he got the CD in the mail but didn’t even bother to open it and listen to it because it was an unknown band name and he only listen to band names that he had heard before! That’s a good reviewer, NOT! After he heard that Hellhammer and Nocturno Culto was involved as session members he couldn’t rip open the CD fast enough the put it in his CD-player… Some people should have been dragged to their graves by their mothers.

6. I’ve found such description of your music as “Norse rock”… It sounds really intriguing, but does it mean you don’t consider VIDSYN as a black metal band or is it just to provoke some people?

Vidsyn is most definitely a black metal band. Never been a rock band and never will be. I think that there are so many different styles of metal and rock these days that some people have difficulties to label bands.

7. Do you think VIDSYN could be treated like kind of continuation of the mighty IMMORTAL? You know, musically you’re in the same league and lyrically… well, show me another band, which has so frozen, cold, winter atmosphere! I don’t mean any plagiarism, but I guess you’re huge fan of IMMORTAL, since the vinyl version of “On Frostbitten Path Beneath” contains one of the old songs of Abbath and Co? What do you think about their music then – speaking of all of their albums – great masterpieces recorded in their early years, through badly produced “Blizzard Beast” up to really good “Sons of the Northern Darkness”?

I think Immortal is a great band and I’m not hiding it in the closet, I’m an Immortal fan. Production wise Immortal has it ups and downs as you mention with “Blizzard Beasts”. One of the few black metal albums in the world that is recorded and produced by a woman. I don’t think a good production is something black metal band should try to work hard at achieving since the music is more important. And even more important is that special feeling that makes black metal so devoting and soul stealing.

8. OK. then, what inspiring do you find in the frostbitten landscape, winter, snow-covered wastelands, etc that do you decided to write all your lyrics about that? Is it because of the melancholy, misanthropic feeling of such views or what…? Do you live in such area and have often occasions to walk through such places? What are your favourite places you go alone to, when only you’re looking for some inspiration?

I like the winters better then the summers, it is that simple I guess. I live by the foot of a mountain and I think that one of the best things I can do outdoors in the winter is walking through a blizzard and just feel the forces of nature. Inspiration for lyrics comes most often when I’m out and the snow is falling like the blood of Christ.

9. I saw some pics of the band, done in winter landscape… Well, seeing your noses and cheeks all red, I guess it was damn cold!!! How’s your impression from that photo session? Was it hard to stand there, in the snow in the t-shirt and making those pictures?!

Nattsjel: Those pictures are from a music video we started shooting, which stopped after that due to one of the many broken promises from Agonia Rec. It was damn cold, so cold that a CD-player and a Discman didn’t operate at those freezing degrees. We had to pretend to play the songs without music. I had a soft kind of gangrene or something in two of my fingers the weeks after. But the most important thing is the experience and memory from that trip. I think that this is some of the things I will remember when I’m old and grey. Decepticon: This was my coldest experience ever, but I really enjoyed it. A memory for life. Everybody ought to experience 35 degrees below dressed in a t-shirt only.

10. Winter could be very cruel, freezing everything around, it’s death for many plants, animals... Also for some metal maniacs, if you remember the death of Valfar from mighty WINDIR. I’m curious, did you know him personally and how did you react on such strange death of his??

I never meet the guy and I only read what the newspapers wrote.

11. I heard that VIDSYN already has completed the line up. Could you tell me something about the new band members? Will they have anything to say while composing new songs / material for VIDSYN, or will everything be written by you again and they’re just tools for you to use them in the studio or while playing gigs? How do you see VIDSYN’s future now, with complete line up?

The line up consist of the following individuals:

Nattsjel: Guitar, Vocals
Decepticon: Bass
Aquilion: Guitars
Assar: Drums

They will be involved in everything that Vidsyn will do in the future. But I think the most of the songs will still be made by me, but the others will have a great deal to say about the making. And probably make some songs themselves. The clue is to make it sound like Vidsyn. Therefore I will still make all the lyrics. Right now we are rehearsing some new songs and we hope to be playing more live, both in Norway and abroad.

12. Tell me something about those bands some VIDSYN members participate in: ENDSUM, THE BLACK GATE, LETHAL INJECTION, BEYOND, PESTIFERIOUS, JERNBYRDE, ELJUDNER…

Nattsjel: Endsum is a black thrash metal band which consists of 3/4 of Vidsyn members.
Jernbyrde is oldschool black metal band featuring mostly Assar.
Eljudner is a viking black metal band which Assar was involved in playing drums but he is currently not involved in that band anymore.

Decepticon: Pestiferous does not exist anymore, neither do Beyond. Shit happens when people loose their dedication. Carpticon is a new black metal act, which consists of myself, the drummer of Nebular Mystic and some other guys.
13. How’s the co-operation with AGONIA looking like? I have much respect for their roster and the job Filip does, but I also heard many complains about him, even some rip offs… Are you satisfied with everything so far? Was it a pleasure to you to hold fantastic piece of vinyl that AGONIA released few months ago? How do you like other AGONIA acts – like THUNDERBOLT for example, who recorded the best black metal album in years, in my opinion?!!!

Nattsjel: I have mixed feelings about Agonia. For example the misspelling on the mini-CD that was just over the top to the good piece MLP. As for rumours you’ve heard, I’ve got some bad experience with the guy myself.
Agonia has released a lot of piss too, just to be completely honest here, like the band he signed last year: Feldgrau…

Decepticon: The rumours you have heard about Agonia might just be true, so Filip; get your act together and start taking care of your reputation!

14. I just heard you’re going to unleash a split EP with TAAKE!!! That’s great news, especially since I worship that band. Tell me something more about it and more on the structure / feeling of the “Men of Eight” song, which you prepared for it!

Men of Eight is a bit different then the other songs we have made earlier, still without losing our identity. The song contains some great riffs and some female vocals. The lyric on that song is also the best lyrics I’ve ever written and also the longest in Vidsyn history. The riffs for the song was written on my Ibanez Proline guitar outside in about a meter with snow and I was half naked. Good feelings in that song.

The sad thing about this song is the production…You know Murphy`s Law, everything went straight to hell. But that’s life.

15. What other plans have you got, especially release plans, for full length maybe? The obvious question is how’s the music you’ve composed so far? What should we expect from you? You know, sometimes it’s hard to record as good material as the previous one, since the expectations are high. What will VIDSYN deliver then? Will it be another portion of traditional, Norwegian to the bone black metal in style of both IMMORTAL and DARKTHRONE? Or maybe you’re looking for some patterns which will make your music more original, less easy to predict?

Nattsjel: The plan is a full length but when I don’t know. We plan to make a lot of songs and rehearsal those good enough to be on a record. I think it will still be Vidsyn but it will be a bit different in some areas. If you listen to Men Of Eight you can probably hear what I mean. More acoustic guitars and probably more old school in other ways. Only time will show.

Decepticon: We try not to lose our identity as a band, people expect Vidsyn and Vidsyn they will get. Although we are trying out some new things, like a lot of acoustic guitars, the music will not evolve away from the true feeling of Vidsyn. Nattsjel and myself are cooperating in the writing-process of the material, so far so good.

16. How’s your view of the Norwegian scene? Most of black metal fanatics seem to criticise it for the star attitude many bands have, for the presence of all those THE KOVENANT / DIMMU BORGIR like bands… But still there are great acts in Norway – GEHENNA returned with brilliant “WW”, DISIPLIN is one of my all time favourite hordes, there’re always strong DARKTHRONE, AURA NOIR… Not to forget VIDSYN, URGEHAL, TAAKE, CARPATHIAN FOREST, ELITE, KEEP OF KALESSIN, KHOLD, GORGOROTH, TSJUDER, 1349. Fuckin strong bands! Personally I can’t wait for new DODHEIMSGARD and THORNS releases!!! I have an impression that jealousy is what makes black metal bands from USA or France (or whatever place) say fucks towards that strong Norwegian scene... Basically who cares about their opinion, but what’s your reaction / opinion on all that? How do you see VIDSYN on that scene, among all those countless bands?

Nattsjel: I think that Norwegian black metal bands have something special about them because of their heritage from Viking history and the landscape here. That’s how it is for me with Vidsyn. I can’t make songs for Vidsyn in the summer. It’s just not possible. If a black metal band in, say, USA try to copy a Norwegian black metal band it would just be bad. But bands that take some of their own culture/history/national music or whatever and bring some of those feelings into the music they can get a good result. I’ve got a CD from a band I Japan and they had used several of different Japanese instruments that I’ve never even heard of. I though it sounded pretty cool, unusual but cool. Maybe that’s how the bands from other lands look at us?

Decepticon: Lets face it, good old times will not come back. The new era started a long time ago, and black metal will never be as it was. Still there are some bands that still makes good music, both Norwegian and foreign bands. Personally I like Blut Aus Nord a lot, the French scene has got a whole lot of potential.
Recently I heard some of the material of the forthcoming Dødheimsgard record, aggressive, brutal…I can’t wait!

17. Let me mention some great, cult black metal albums from Norway and tell me in few words what does that album mean to you, how much inspiring it is, etc, ok.?

- ULVER “Bergtatt”
This album I listen to quite often, I still think it is brilliant. I got this album when it was released. A pretty short album, almost mini-CD but great.

- SATYRICON “Dark Medieval Times”
Another great album, it had a lot of the things I love about black metal, atmosphere and feelings.

- BURZUM “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss”
This album is not something that I like to much, has some great riffs but the whole hype killed it for me.

- KAMPFAR “Mellom Skogkledde Aaser”
This is a album I never really listen to so I have to get hold of it and listen to it.

- GEHENNA “Seen Through the Veils of Darkness”
This is also a great album.

- DIMMU BORGIR “For All Tid”
Just have to start this by saying that I don’t know why they did the re-recording of this album because they just lost everything that was great with it. Yes it had some bad production but the new release lacks all the feeling. A good album when it came out to the stores.

- DODHEIMSGARD “Kronet Til Konge”
All time classic! This is one of those odd recordings. I don’t know why other bands haven’t followed up Aldrahns vocals on this album. The clean vocals with a lot of delay and reverb works like hell!

18. Have you been on any editions of famous INFERNO Festivals? This event is more and more popular in Europe, so I’m curious how’s the atmosphere in there? If you’ve been there once at least, do you remember any breath taking, massacring performances? Would you like VIDSYN to play there as well?

I’ve attended the first time around, all three days. The reason why it just got to be that one time is that I’m not that happy with standing in a crowd so fucking massive that you don’t even see the bands on stage. Also they dropped the 18 year limit so that every kid down to 10 years took up to much space. And you pay to see many bands that may be good, but its only one-three bands you really want to see. Not to my cup of tea really. The only thing that is good is that you can meet friends.

Vidsyn applied this year but got rejected. We where one out of 150 contesters and they only needed 8 bands.

19. You know what – the layout of “On Frostbitten Path Beneath” reminds me the atmosphere of the two IMMORTAL’s videoclips, from “Battles In the North” times. I’m curious how do you see those old videos, as a fan? Is there place in black metal for videoclips, do you think? How did you like those SATYRICON and EMPEROR did? I have to admit I really like them a lot, even after all those years!

Nattsjel : I think the Immortal video is a bit over the top when Abbath and co runs up and down the hill with a guitar in his hands. But it’s also a great video. I think black metal have many good music videos and most definitely there are place for more of them. The video is like a extending arm for the music. You can get so much more out of your creativity and maybe show a little of what your music is all about. If the Vidsyn video will ever be released you’d see what I mean.

Decepticon: I really like the Emperor videos, but some music videos is better off hidden and buried. Do NOT watch Immortals “Call of the Wintermoon” and Hecate Enthroneds “An Ode from a Haunted Wood”, these are two of the most embarrassing moments in black metals history.

20. Finally my last question is are you actually interested in Norse mythology, do you believe in Viking beliefs? And with that question I would like to finish this interview… Great thanks for answering it, mate! Hope you’ll grow stronger and shred with killer Norse black metal soon!!! Take care!

Nattsjel: I red a lot of Viking history and Norse mythology earlier when I went to school. I’ve never believed in it but it’s great to see what they believed in and how they lived back then. The incarnation of Christianity in Norway really screwed things up.

Decepticon: Personally I like the “Eye for an eye” principle that Vikings lived by. Nowadays the modern world is invaded by Christian rules, “Turn the other cheek”. Bullshit!
Stand up for what you believe in!

Thanks for a long and in-depth interview!

Interview with Nocturnal Cult

By Bradley Smith

It seems that a lot of the reviews that I have come across for On Frostbitten Path Beneath have been really positive. How do you feel the response has been towards it?
Overall the reviews have been very good. It seems that most of the listeners like what they hear.

Also speaking of positive reviews you have stated that some labels rejected your demo. What was their reasoning? I am sure they are regretting it now. Any bigger label interest now based on your OFPB release?
Most of the rejects I’ve got was because of the similarities with another bands and I’m referring to Immortal here. About 80% of the labels I’ve sent the demo to, didn’t even act professional enough to write me a line when they received the demo. This is also something I have experienced with other bands where we didn’t get any reply at all. As for the interest after OFPB release it hasn’t been that much because Vidsyn is signed for 2 more albums on Agonia. But if we get an offer from another label that could easily be another path we travel.

As a one man band do you feel you are limited in some ideas you want to get across or do you feel it is more beneficial because you have a lot more control over your art? Or do you feel it is a little of both?
Well Vidsyn is a full band now so I’ll hope that the other band members try to make the band evolve into something better. As it seems for the future I hope to control most of what’s being made but I will also incorporate their views on things. When you make all the music you have full control and that can be good but I think that unless you are a musical prodigy it’s good to have others around you so you can test your music on them and make them come with some pointers.

I have had your music compared to Immortal and in an interview I read with you said there are some distinct differences between your compositions and theirs. What are these differences and how do you feel about this overall impression that people feel?
Vidsyn is more melodic in many ways, every riff I make has a special feeling for me and they are not in the songs just as parts filling the void. Immortal are much better on the aggressive side, I think no other black metal band can measure with the kings. I think people feel the similarities in the compositions mostly because of the lyrics, they could as well be written by Demonaz I think. Vidsyn will never try to fill the empty place after Immortal left the scene. I only play riffs and make lyrics that mean something to me. That’s what black metal is all about: that special feeling you get when you crank up your stereo and listen to black metal.

I know you get this question a lot but how did you get Nocturno Culto to participate with his vocal contributions? Also what about Hellhammer and his drumming talents? Will you use them again in the future?
I get the question quite often (read: every fucking interview) so I’ll give you the short version: I’ve known Nocturno Culto for many years so it wasn’t that much convincing from my side. As for Hellhammer we have common friends and he thought the music was good hehe. Since a majority of zines and reporters seems to focus more on those people, then on the actual band and music, I think I will avoid doing anything with “famous” people for a while…. Sad but true because they are both skilled musicians.

I noticed you are on Agonia. I have heard bad things about them from other bands and just from some of my contacts in general. How have your experiences with them been?
Well you’re on right track here………

Icy and mountainous landscapes are painted into your lyrical topology. Obviously that kind of imagery is of great importance to you as a person. What kind of significance does it hold for you and why?
It comes from my surroundings where I live now and where I used to go on holiday when I was a little kid. In the summertime I don’t like to be out that much but when the snow falls down I’m eagerly to get outside and feel the cold. The lyrics come from that side of my personality, why I don’t know.

You have a raven that flies around your house some times. When was the last time you saw it. What sort of mystical symbolism does its presence hold for you?
I think it was 1 month ago or something. Ravens fly over areas to sign death I’ve heard so there must be someone who will die here or have died.

It seems to me that your musical and lyrical style would imply a misanthropic personality. Do you feel that this is true? How do you view yourself in respect to the rest of humanity?
The lyrics are dedicated to the nature and I think that it’s not misanthropic to me because it makes me happy to see that side of the nature. To other people it may be quite the opposite but I write lyrics for myself and not for them. The lyrics does not contain hate, Satanism or things like that. I use that other dark side of me for other projects. But to answer your question I respect most humans that deserved to be respected.

Do you pay attention to events occurring in the world or do you isolate yourself from everything? What types of events draw your attention and is there anything you follow on a regular basis such as the war in Iraq or weather related disasters or sports even?
I watch the news from time to time so I know what’s going on in the world but I don’t let it get to me.

In some of your other interviews you have mentioned a sort of affinity for Norwegian styled black metal such as Darkthrone or Immortal and some others. It seems you prefer the riff driven old school black metal. What appeals to you about this style? Are there any bands in the scene that are truly significant to you?
It’s not so much the style within black metal but it’s the feeling these bands had when they made the music. Back in the early 90’s it felt like they were more dedicated to the music and they really believed in what they made. You can hear that everything is played with passion and love for the music. I think that when black metal exploded as a genre, many bands jumped on the train and rode it because of the attention they got in media. Too many idiots in other words and also money became so important to the new bands…. I love Immortal, Darkthrone, old Ulver, old Old Man’s Child, old Satyricon etc.

What sort of near term goals do you have as a band for Vidsyn? When can we expect some new material to be unleashed up on us?
I’m hoping Agonia get their thumbs out of their assholes and release the 10” split with Taake…. It’s has been in their hands for quite a while now… I plan to take a trip to the mountains and make some songs for the next album that we hopefully record in the second quarter of 2006.

With all the imagery of ice and snow that your artistic visions conjure up, what do you think about death by Hypothermia, freezing to death in particular? What sort of demise would you like to meet?
I think it must be a good way to die, almost like dying when you swim. If you ever have been close to drowning you know what I’m talking about, everything seems to be in harmony, you just slip away into the oblivion. I thing freezing to death in combination with going to sleep in on the top of a mighty mountain could be a good way to die.

Any last howling gusts from the frozen wastes?
If you get the chance, watch us tear it apart live! I think Vidsyn is better live (when played correctly hehe) than on a CD!

Interview with Scream magazine nr. 98 (in Norwegian)

"Det er visse norske band som får hjertet til å slå ekstra patriotisk når tonene deres dundrer ut ifra anlegget i stua. Vidsyn er ett av disse."

Livet etter Immortal har ikke vært lett for den patriotiske staute metal-scenen. Det er færre band der ute enn fingre på hånden min som har tatt opp arven og vært scenen verdig. Som nevnt i ingressen er bandet gra Trysil et av dem jeg teller på fingrene. De har dessverre ikke helt klart å slå igjennom her til lands ennå, men hvis visse spådommer går i oppfyllelse kan nettopp det skje snart

  VIDSYN startet som et enmannsprosjekt av Nattsjel. Det var higen etter å få ut noen innestengte følelser som satte mannen i musikalsk bevegelse, og dermed var ble VIDSYNen realitet. Musikken besto av rå, enkel fengende black metal uten spor av ny teknologi, og Nattsjel stod for alle arrangementer og instrumentføringer inntil han skulle i studio for å spille inn sin første demo, "On Frostbitten Path Beneath". Respektive og kjente folk som Hellhammer (Mayhem) og Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) bidro til å gjøre demoen til et ettertraktet klenodium. Så ettertraktet var den demoutgivelsen at den senere måtte gis ut på nytt gjennom Agonia Records, men i bedre innpakning.
Fortell litt om VIDSYNs spede begynnelse, det er sikkert noen som lurer på hva bandet står for. Og hva var ideen som fikk deg til å spille akkurat denne typen metal?

  - Vidsyn ble grunnlagt i 99' av meg som et soloprosjekt. På den tiden hadde jeg spilt i et annet band i noen år, men det tok slutt og jeg satt inne med mange riff og mye følelser jeg ville ha på tape. Gjennom tiden har det vært noen folk innom i form av både faste medlemmer og bruk av sessionmusikere.

  Hva med navnet da, VIDSYN? er det noe som ligger bak det? Noen spesielle tanker bortsett fra ravnet, fjell og vikinger?

  - Det som gjorde at jeg valgte det navnet er norrøn mytologi der Odins ravner var vidsynte. Med dette menes det at de kunne se over et stort landskap for så å rapportere hjem til Odin. Det gjelder å våre litt åpen for ting og ikke snevre seg inn i sin egen lille verden. Dessuten er det et ganske fengende og bra navn på et black metal-band.

  Du hadde jo et par kjendiser på laget da du lagde demoskiva di, Hellhammer (Mayhem) og Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone). Var dette et stunt fra din side for å trekke oppmerksomhet til deg og bandet, eller var de med fordi de kjenner deg og likte stoffet? Du er ikke redd for at du blir sett på som en av de personene som kun leier inn store navn for å gjøre deg selv kjent?

  - Tanken på å tjene noe på et slikt stunt er egentlig helt absurd. Jeg hadde ventet litt for lenge med å gi ut demo, og da trommisen ble vraket manglende engasjement stod jeg på bar bakke. Jeg tenkte egentlig bare å få med meg noen som tok låtene kjapt slik at øvnings- og studiotid ble minimal. Ei vennine av meg sa hun kjente Hellhammer ganske godt, så etter litt spørring og gjennomhøring av låtene sa han ja til å bli med på demoen. Når det gjelder Nocturno Culto har jeg kjent ham så lenge at jeg ser på ham som alt annet enn kjendis, og jeg lagde låten "Evil Rises Darkness Falls" med hans vokal i tankene. Det var først i studio at han også tok "Stormsend Winter Realm". Jeg ser nå i ettertid at det å ta med kjentfolk faktisk er mer negativt enn positivt, om du er ukjent selv vel å merke. Om jeg visste hvordan folk reagerte, så tror jeg jeg ville bedt dem velge andre kallenavn eller tatt med meg noen andre på demoen. Litt dumt, men folk klarer liksom ikke å skille mellom musikk eller de som spiller musikken. Jeg leste en anmeldelse et eller annet sted på nettet hvor en fyr sa at han hadde sett coveret på skiva mi og kastet det i fra seg fordi det var et ukjent band og han gadd ikke høre på det. Så hadde han lest at Hellhammer og Nocturno Culto var gjestemusikanter, og da hadde han kastet seg over skiva for å høre. Jeg kan ikke annet å si at det er idiotisk....

  VIDSYN har blitt et eget band da kanskje siden du er uttaler deg på den måten?

  -VIDSYN er blitt ett fullt band igjen nå med stabil bestningi form av Assar og Aquilion fra Endsum, som er ett annet band jeg spiller i, samt Decepticon som spiller bass i Beyond Insanity. Nå har vi øvd sammen en stund, og disse skal spille live fremover samt på de neste utgivelsene som kommer.

  Kult, så hvordan er ståa med nytt materiale? Nå som dere har kontrakt er vel ikke full-lengderen lang rundt hjørnet?

  - Jo da, nå som en EP er utgitt er selvfølgelig neste steg en full-lengder. Jeg har signert kontrakt på to album, så har jeg så vidt begynt å jobbe med låtmateriale. I skrivende stund holder vi på med å gjøre siste innspurttil en 10-tommer splitt med Taake. Grunnen til at det ble 10-tommer og ikke 7-tommer er at Taake har laget en låt som var veldig lang. Det ser ut til at jeg lager en låt til fort så vi får lik lengde på begge sidene. Jeg har ingen releasedato for den ennå, men den kommer vel om noen månder og vil innholde ekslusive låter fra hvert band.

  Hvordan gikk det til at dere ville være med på en slik utgivelse? Hvorfor ikke konsentrere seg om å lage debuten i stedet?

  - Jeg tok kontakt med Hoest i Taake og spurte om han ville bli med på en 7-tommer split, noe han sa ja til direkte.

  Ok, men ingen ide om når full-lengderen kommer?

  - Nei, jeg har ingen ide om når den første full-lengderen kommer, men ting går litt raskere når man har flere folk rundt seg. Jeg har så vidt begynt å lage flere riff, og planen er å få laget ferdig 7-8 låter til begynnelsen av neste år og så går vi i tudio så for som mulig etter det.

  Som du nevnte så har du hatt med deg en del kjentfolk, og EP'en din er ganske rå, men du er ikke redd for at det blir for mye Immortal og litt lite VIDSYN i det? Til tider kan det låte ganske Immortal, som i og for seg er ypperlig, men identiteten din blir visket ut av hva de gjorde på en måte?

  - Nei jeg føler ikke at VIDSYN er noen blåkopi av Immortal på noen som helst måte. Det er visse forskjeller også musikalsk, for eksempel er VIDSYN til tider kanskje mer melodisk i riffingen mens Immortal er kongene av aggresjon, for å si det sånn. Det er også litt tidspenn på VIDSYN-låtene, og om man tar "Stormsend Winter Realm" ble den laget så langt tilbake som i '98, altså før VIDSYN ble dannet og også før Immortals "At The Heart Of Winter" kom ut. Den ferskeste låten som er på EP'en er "Evil Eises Darkness Falls", og den låten går jo kanskje litt mer unna det typiske Immortal-soundet. For min del skjønner jeg at folk sammenligner, men jeg synes ikke likheten er så åpenbar at VIDSYN ikke har en egen identitet.

  Er det noen sjangser for gjesteopptredener til bandets neste skive?

  -Hvis det blir noen gjesteopptredener, så vil de ikke bli gjenkjent ved sitt vanlige kallenavn, men da får anmeldere og journalister heller fokusere på musikken og ikke hvilke kjendiser som er med.

  Dere har holdt noen konserter nå, hvordan har responsen vært så lang, både med tanke på oppmøte og salg av EP'en?

  -Vi gjorde en oppvarmingskonsert for Gorgoroth en stund tilbake, og jeg synes det gikk bra. Responsen var også veldig bra. Dette var den første konserten med de nye bandmedlemmene, og jomfrukonserten er alltid litt mer nervøs å gjøre. Vi spilte også en gig i Tyskland på United Metal Maniacs sammen med blant annet Koldbrann og Kampfar. Det frister til gjentagelse for å si det slik. Det tar gjerne noen konserter til før man løser opp stive muskelknuter og kjører løpet som det egentlig skal kjøres, og jeg føler at vi snart er der. Salget av EP'en har gått veldig bra, mye bedre enn jeg hadde forventet faktisk. Jeg har ikke fått håndfaste bevis fra plateselskapet, men det virker som den snart er utsolgt.

Her har dere altså stiftet bekjentskap med bandet VIDSYN. Det må nevnes at EP'en absolutt er noe dere som fikk blod på tann må skaffe til veie. Sjekk gjerne ut www.vidsyn.net for webshop og mer info.

Interview with Stygian Shadows Zine

1. Greetings Nattsjel, first of all, thanks for accepting the interview.
Now are the things nowadays at Vidsyn’s camp?

Just great! We have recently returned from Germany where we played at United Metal Maniacs festival. Great festival indeed! To bad the weather gods had too much beer to drink that night and had to take a piss all over Bitterfeld.

2. As usual, let’s start the interview in the depths of the past… tell us some words about the birth of Vidsyn…
Well it all started back in 99 when I founded Vidsyn. It started out as a one man project because I just wanted to make some songs out of the riffs I had lying around. After some time Vidsyn used session live members to play at one show only. A couple of years went by and I got two full time members joining me on drums and bass, but due to commitment to other bands and the distance between us I really couldn’t let them continue in the band anymore. This also put the demo plans on hold for some time but after some time I got the demo/MCD recorded with help from other good musicians. The live musicians I have had with me for like 7-8 months have now joined forces and have become fulltime members.

3. You started the band as a one-man band. Was this the original purpose? Then later you had a full line-up with Vidsyn but soon after, you decided to be a one-man band again using only guest musicians. Any special reasons for this? Because of this it seems to me that Vidsyn is a very personal band. Are you a dictator concerning your musical ideas?

I agree that the music so far has been very personal but I’m not a dictator. When the band was born it didn’t need to be anything else then a one man project, because I had all the riffs laying around doing nothing and I made everything myself. But the intensions for future plans have always been to make it into a full band. The reason it hasn’t worked out is the lack of musicians where I live and when the distance gets to big, people will not commit as much as they probably should have done. But now that Aquilion, Decepticon and Assar have joined as full time members the music will evolve. I think that the first steps from now on will mostly be influenced by my riffs and lyrics but they will do their job to knock it up some notches by working together with me and brining in a little of their influences. After some time they’ll begin to make some riffs or songs and contribute more and more. Well that’s the big plan….

4. On your first demo you worked together with Nocturno Culto and Hellhammer which in my opinion is a great opportunity. What did you do to convince them? Were they session musicians only or do you see any chance to work with them later too?

I get this question a lot. I’ve known Nocturno Culto for many years and the song Evil Rises Darkness Falls was created for his vocals. He accepted when asked. As for Hellhammer we have common friends and he liked the music, so there wasn’t weren`t much convincing going on.

They were only session musicians and I think that they have done their part. Since a majority of zines and reporters seems to focus more on those people, then on the actual band and its music, I think we will avoid working with metalcelebreties people for a while…. Sad but true because they are both skilled musicians. If we were to use metalcelebs on future recordings they would have to change their pseudonyms.

Its funny how it works, if you’re famous and bring other famous people with you they applaud you. If you’re unknown and bring famous people with you, you’re a fucking sell-out and you only use them to sell more albums. Nothing more…. This is typical for the metal scene.

5. If not with them, what are your views about the band’s permanent lineup? Is it to continue to be a solo project of yours?

The vacant slots in the band are filled with the guys I used as live sessions for the last months. They consist of Aquilion on guitar, Decepticon on bass and Assar on drums. How this will inflict on the overall of the music only time will tell, but hopefully they will have clear views on things and the music will get better. Also I think we’ll do a better job live if we play together as a band with common goals in music and also rehears as a band over a longer period of time.

6. Now let`s talk about “On Frostbitten Path Beneath”, what can you tell about this recording, like where is it recorded and by whom? It was first released as a demo and later re-released as a MCD on polish Agonia Records. How did you end up with Agonia Records and are you satisfied this far with Agonia Records?

The MCD is recorded in Space Valley Studio in Hamar, Norway with Henning Ramseth behind the control panel. I’ve sent the demo around to about 20 labels or so and got some rejections and some labels showed interest. The deal Agonia offered was the best at that time considering Vidsyn would get 3 albums released through one label and also the co-signing with the Norwegian label Flesh For Beast. The demo is recorded in 3 days so to release it as an album was not the best deal but then again what’s done is done.

7. Now some words about the name Vidsyn… though I don’t speak Norwegian, I think, it’s not an usual name for a band, what does mean it?

The word can have many different interpretations:
If you would translate the name into English it would mean something like “wide sight” or “wide view”. From the Norse Mythology, Odin’s ravens were “vidsynte” meaning their eyes could cover a huge amount of landscape and report back to Odin. The word Vidsyn can also mean that one is open-minded. I think the name fits the music and also it’s short and pretty easy to remember.

8. Your music could be labeled as winter metal witch I often associate with and the lyrics are totally inspired by winter, ravens and northern mountains. Do you agree with this statement?

Yes that is true. I play riffs in a similar way that Immortal does but you can’t accuse me of plagiarism because there are some major differences between the two bands. As for the winter theme, I love the mountains and the winter time of year is my absolute favorite season.

9. And what are the lyrics about on “On frostbitten path beneath”? What inspires you when writing these freezing lyrics?

As mention above the theme is all about winter, mountains, ravens etc. but also about dying. Some of the lyrics are focus around the emotions and thoughts about death in nature and by the nature. I’ve just written a new song called “Men Of Eight”. This song I did outside, standing in kneedeep snow and with naked upper body, -25° Celsius and it was snowing like hell. The riffs came quickly but the feeling stays in me for a very long time and I use this feeling later when I write the lyrics for the song. Also the lyrics may sometimes come when I walk to work and looking at the scenery or when I do outdoor activities.

10. If I already mentioned Immortal, what do you think about the similarities with this already non-existing band? What was their best album for you?

I understand why people link us, both musically and lyrically. As for lyrics I agree and I think Demonaz probably thinks in the same way as me, but I think more about dying and feeling around death, besides Immortal have a different approach to it. There are very few ravens where I live but I have one circling above my house from time to time.

Musically we are further away from each other. Immortal have a more direct and ongoing hard way of presenting their music, Vidsyn is more melodic and soft. Although we use some of the same riffing techniques the musical compositions are different.

11. How were the reactions been from the press and fans so far for the “On frostbitten path beneath” MCD? I read some very positive reactions and my sentence is also 9/10 points!

Thank you! The overall reactions have been good so far. The best one I’ve got was from Demonized Blessing Fanzine which had the award “album of the month 9/10”. I also have got 10/10 but I think it’s also fun to see our album being totally slaughtered because you’ve got Nocturno Culto and Hellhammer playing on your album. Or because your “demo” got released as MCD, thereby “re-released” and then released too many times, only to sell more albums. But other bands like Darkthrone can be reprinted, repressed and re-released without criticism. I wonder if some people even think before they open their big mouths.

12. What do you think about today’s Norwegian blackmetal scene? Bands like Koldbrann, Slavia and Ljå are able to reproduce the oldschool feeling from the early `90s, and these bands including Vidsyn can create an eerie and frozen atmosphere without using any keyboards or synthesizers…

The scene is divided and the bands you mention above are part of the oldschool blackmetal scene. I think they are great bands and they keep the flame burning. Somewhere along the line the scene got mixed with other influences and then some band tried to play as fast as human possible, some tried to make blackmetal that was more audience friendly with a lot of synth. And some converted to death metal or alternative styles. Few bands stuck with what they knew best, like Darkthrone and also Immortal. I think synth can be cool if you use it right but when the guitars are all drowning in a wall of synth maybe they should try to think in other directions.

To be honest that`s not the only music I listen to, I listen to all kinds of metal. If I get mad some day I listen to death metal, if I’m in a sinister mood I listen to black metal. I think this is the common way of thoughts among Norwegian metalheads.

13. You were supposed to doa European tour last autumn but unfortunately the tour was cancelled… what happened?

We were scheduled as support for Impiety but after everything was planned Impiety cancelled because they had just returned from another tour. I guess they were fed up with touring. Agonia Records wasn`t able to replace the headliner for the tour and then there were little we could do. The tour was supposed to be rescheduled for 2005 but circumstances made it difficult.

14. Till now Vidsyn has done very few concerts, but I`ve heard of a local metalfestival called “The Legions of the North”. What can you say about this festival, can we expect more live-action from Vidsyn?

The festival started as a platform for both Vidsyn and Endsum because we wanted to play live and there wasn`t any good venues to play at in that part of the country. Hamar has many metalheads but the promoters didn’t really bother doing more then doing a few shows a year. Things have changed a lot since then with more concert promoters and bigger bands traveling to Hamar to play. The Legions of the North (http://www.lotn.no) had unsigned bands or at least smaller underground bands. But the second time around it evolved and moved to a bigger scene with bigger bands like Tidfall, Crest Of Darkness, Enthral etc. Last year we had to cancel because of the tour we planned and when it was cancelled we didn’t have the necessarily time to make it happen. As for now we are currently discussing what will happen to the festival this year so only time will tell.

15. Five years ago my ex-collague did an interview with your other band Endsum, but in this part of Europe we can’t hear news about this band often… What is the news for them?

Things have happened over a five year period, to sum it up quickly:
Carnivor, the bass player joined the band. Then I joined on vocals. We sacked the second guitarist (Hudbreider) and found a new one in Nerthuz who quit after a while to work with his main band. We will use a second session guitarist live for the time being. The last year we recorded a new demo called “As Darkness Falls”. It`s a demo witch consists of, in my personal opinion, the three best Endsum songs.

The bass player, Carnivor, just quit the band a couple of days ago due to personal differences. So we’re looking for a replacment.

The plans for the future are rehearsing and trying to get a record deal.

16. How is your contract with Agonia? When will Vidsyns 1st full-length album be released? I heard about a 7” split with Norwegian Taake… some background info of this?

The contract is for 1 MCD (MLP/PICLP) and 2 full-length albums. We’ll begin making songs for the first full-length album in the near future. The split with Taake is going to be awesome, both Taake and Vidsyn are recording two brand new songs for this release. Agonia asked if we’d like to make a 7” split with another Norwegian band and I suggested that Taake would be a good partner in crime. I got in contact with Hoest and he was keen on the idea. The first plan was to use a song from their newest album, "...Doedskvad” but the CD got released before we could release the 7” so Hoest said he would gladly record a brand new song to make it more limited and special. The release date is still not set.

17. What was the printing problem with first edition of the MCD’s cover?

The first layout files I’ve got had the same fault as you now see on the side of the MCD. It now says „Vindsyn” and not „Vidsyn”. I told the designer to fix it and he did, so I got the layout again and everything was just perfect. But after I got the MCD’s in the mail I soon noticed that they all had misspelled the band name on the side. What happend was that either the designer or Agonia Records sent the wrong graphic files for printing of the CD..... It’s very sad that the first 3000 copies have this typo mistake but there’s really nothing I can do about this now. On the reprinting this mistake will be fixed… I hope.

18. In your opinion, what makes Vidsyn different than other bands? Do you still like the typical Norwegian black metal sound that Immortal, Det Hedenske Folk, Isvind, etc. had nearly 10 years ago?

I think Vidsyn has its own sound and you can recognize it really fast by listening to the melodies in the riffs, also there are not many bands out there playing blackmetal the way we do. We are not old school blackmetal, neither are we modern blackmetal.
The bands at that time had a special kind of feeling that many bands have difficulties recreating today.

19. Lately Agonia Records released the vinyl version of the MCD on 10” MLP with gatefold cover… is it very important for you to have your stuff on good old vinyl? This release contains a bonus, a cover from Immortal, which song was chosen by you for this special MLP?

Yeah I like vinyl and I buy it when I get the chance. The cover of Immortal is taken from their album entitled „At The Heart Of Winter” and the song is „Withstand The Fall Of Time”. This is also a song that we have begun playing live.

20. Middle of May you played with Vidsyn in Germany at United Metal Maniacs Festival... What are your experiences from this festival? What do you prefer, a single concert in a smaller club or a big festival with hundreds of fans and many bands?

It was great and I think the managers did an excellent job. Unfortunately the rain pored down like hell the day we played so it was kind of hard doing a great gig. The drummer told me he took of his shoes but the floor over by the drum kit was flooded so he slipped on the pedals and we string benders had wet guitars. But the people still stood out in the rain and cheered for us so it was really awesome. They even cheered for an encore. Tnx Bitterfeld!!

21. Nattsjel, thanks for your answers, send your message to the Hungarian black metallers!

Stay metal!

Interview with Les Acteurs de l'Ombre

1. Hi! How are you today? Are you ready? So let’s go.
Hi! I’m dazed and confused since I just woke up but I’m ready!

2. Can you remind us the story so far?
I founded Vidsyn in 1999 and it started out as a one man project because I just wanted to make some of the riffs I had lying around into something. After some time Vidsyn used session live members to play at one show only. A couple of years went by and I got two full time members joining me on drums and bass but due to commitment to other bands and the distance between us I really couldn’t let them continue in the band anymore. This also put the demo plans on hold for some time but I’ve recorded the demo with help from other good musicians. Today Vidsyn is once again a one man project. If you want a more detailed biography please visit the website.

3. Working with Nocturno Culto and Hellhammer is a great opportunity. What did you do to convince them? Do you know if they’ll be part of the band in the(near or far) future?
I’ve known Nocturno Culto from before so it wasn’t that much convincing from my side. As for Hellhammer we have common friends and the music is good hehe. Since a majority of zines and reporters seems to focus more on those people, then on the actual band and music, I think I will avoid doing anything with “famous” people for a while…. Sad but true because they are both skilled musicians.

4. Where was this album recorded? Can you tell us how were the conditions of the recording sessions? Did all the songs be ready before it?
This album was recorded in Space Valley Studio in Norway. It was recorded as a demo, during one weekend with both recording and mixing. But after Vidsyn got signed to Agonia Records they wanted to release the songs as a MCD. So I went to the same studio again and redid my vocals, remixed it and sent it to Studio Q in Poland for mastering. All the songs was ready before I went to studio but Hellhammer got free hands so he listen to the complete songs with drums and just added some stuff here and there.

5. What’s your state of mind while composing? How do you create your music?
All my lyrics and music are very cold and they reflect stories that occur in the winter time. I’ve tried to make some music for Vidsyn in the summer time but it’s hard. The lyrics and riffs, I make, comes naturally to me when I’m doing outside activities in the winter, for example I can walk to work one day when it’s snowing like hell and the lyrics just come poring in. I also find a lot of inspiration in old Norwegian bands like Darkthrone, Immortal, Ulver Satyricon etc. etc.

6. Do you have any recent news about a European tour?
No I don’t know if there will be a tour or not but the first concert that is scheduled outside Norway is at the United Maniac Festival in Germany.

7. I’d like to have your feelings and thoughts about the Pagan/Viking scene.
I think that a lot have happens since the dawn of the black metal scene here in Norway in the late 80’s/beginning of the 90’s. The development over time has parted the scene into old school, like Darkthrone and everything else, like Dimmu Borgir. But I think that most bands stay true to what they believe in.

8. When reading the following words, what comes in your mind?
- Asatru: Fascinating.
- Paganism: Burn the churches! Crush Christianity!
- Metal: Good shit! ;o)
- Viking: Brutality, Holmgang, Christianisation of Norway… bah!
- Underground: The black metal scene in Norway for about a decade and a half ago. Times are withering but not forgotten.....
- Norway: Fucking 25% VAT now!!
- Raven: The raven that used to fly over my house but I haven’t seen for some months now….
- Death: We all die in the end! It’s just how you die that set you a part from the others.

9. I’d like to know a little bit more about you. Who is Nattsjel? What are your tastes?
I’m soon 28 years, born and breed evil in Norway. I work as municipal employed where I live and use my days/hours off listening to metal, play in some bands and work hard to get results from the music. I also use everything from a couple of hours to five/six hours a day on my computer or Xbox.

10. How important is the Pagan/Viking belief in Vidsyn? How important is it in your life?
I think it’s very important for me because I never believed in Christ and I think that those miserable people who are Christians should take a step back and look at themselves. I’m getting quite fed up about the system they work by, always jumping on people that are down and need something to believe in. It’s just so fucking wrong. I believe in myself and what I can accomplish, if I just work hard. I used to read a lot about Vikings and Norse mythology but I haven’t done that in some years. I still like that time era but I have never believed in Odin nor do I believe in fucking Christ.

11. Just a few words about my homeland. Do you know and appreciate some French bands? Have you ever been in my country?
Never been there! But I’m sure Vidsyn will play a gig there some day. The only bands I can think of right now is Seth, Himinbjorg and Anorexia Nervosa...
12. I wish I could have made this interview face to face but unfortunately it was impossible but I would like to thank you for your time and your answers.

Good luck!

Thank you!

Interview with Damned Empire


I founded Vidsyn in 1999 and it started out as a one man project. A couple of years went by and I got two full time members joining me on drums and bass but due to commitment to other bands and the distance between us I really couldn't let them continue in the band anymore. This also put the demo plans on hold for some time but I've recorded the demo with help from good musicians. If you want a more detailed biography please visit the website.

Yes but my drum skills are not that good but I'm practicing so it will get better in the future.
Nocturno Culto and Hellhammer only acted as session musicians on the demo and MCD entitled "On Frostbitten Path Beneath".

The lyrics contains many element of Norwegian winters, battles from a times long lost ago, the thoughts about death and especially death by cold winters/nature. There are not to much pagan stuff in my lyrics even though we are all against Christianity and like to see separation between church and state. Even better to destroy all churches or use them to some other activities.

Yes the first MCD/MLP/PicLP, "On Frostbitten Path Beneath", is released through Agonia Records. I don't know when the next full length will be released but I have begun making riffs and lyrics so time will tell. The first we are concentrating on now is the new song we are recording for a 7" split with Norwegian act Taake.

Vidsyn are playing support for Gorgoroth Saturday the 12th of February in Hamar, Norway. It's a mid size venue called Hydranten and the other band that will play support are Phanteon-I.

We are rehearsing the songs now and by the sound of it I'll bet we'll kick some ass down in Germany. So the audience better prepare themselves.

It's about 24 minutes of cold mid tempo Norwegian black metal anno early 90's. Often compared with bands like Immortal, old Satyricon and old Ulver. Check our website for more information.

Yes the first release is the 7" ep with Taake as I mention before. Then I got a record deal for 2 full-length albums. Also the making of a music video is being planned these days.

Not much…

Not at this moment but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

* Support for Gorgoroth the 12th of February.
* Making of the first music video.
* 7" ep split with Taake, one song each.
* United Metal Maniacs in Germany the 22nd of May
* 2 full-length albums with no deadline.
* Also going to focus on playing live.

Listen to Vidsyn and see us live! Also be sure to visit the website for more information and news.


Interview added by Marcel on December 13, 2004.

Reviews of Vidsyn: On Frostbitten Path Beneath

Last week I received "On frostbitten path beneath", the debut mini-cd from Norwegian winter blackmetal band Vidsyn. Vidsyn brought back good memories to the kings of frostbitten blackmetal: Immortal. And with this mini-cd Vidsyn delivered my personal favourite mini-album from 2004 and therefore I just had to do an interview with them. Nattsjel, founder and only permanent member of Vidsyn answered my questions.

Hello Nattsjel, how are you doing?
I’m having a little hangover from last night but it’s nothing major….

First of all, what does Vidsyn mean in English? And why have you chosen this name? I mean, is there some deeper meaning behind it for you personally?
The word can have many different interpretations but if you would translate the name into English it would mean something like “wide sight” or “wide view”. From the Norse mythology, Odin’s ravens were “vidsynte” meaning their eyes could cover a huge landscape and report back to Odin. The word Vidsyn can also mean that one is open-minded about things.
The name just suits the band and I think it’s an excellent name.

Most of our readers are not familiar with Vidsyn yet so can you tell the history from your band?
Founded in 1999, Vidsyn started out as a one man project by me, but have had many members during its life time. Today Vidsyn is once again a one man project. If you want a more detailed biography please visit the website.

You started out as a one-man band. Was this on purpose? Later you had a full line-up with Vidsyn but after that you decided to be a one-man band again using only session musicians. Any special reasons for this? Because of this it seems to me that Vidsyn is a very personal band. Am I right here?
I started Vidsyn because I played in another band at that time which broke up and I also been making some riffs that didn’t suit the band at that time. When I started Vidsyn I really didn’t have big ambitions about getting a record deal or anything. But after I had completed some songs I though it would be cool to record a demo and that demo took some time to complete. I wanted to record the demo with real drums, although I used drum-machine on the pre-prod of the demo. So then the search for a drummer started and also the recording. But unfortanly the DAT tape recorder we recorded the demo on somehow broke down and the demo was never completed. Due to distance between people, lack of time and other band obligations the musicians that have been full time soon left or got fired. So using session musicians seemed like a good solution to that problem, but I think that Vidsyn once again, some day, will be a four party band. When that is said the music is very personal indeed.

And what are the lyrics about on “On frostbitten path beneath”? What inspires you when writing lyrics?
It’s all about the winters and the mood around that time of the year. I write about mountains, ravens,  battles and struggles. I now live beside a mountain, not a huge one but I get the feeling every time I walk or do some winter activities in the mountain. I get inspiration from many places but as for making music and lyrics for Vidsyn I just can’t do it during the summer time.

Now about “On frostbitten path beneath”, what can you tell about this recording, like where is it recorded and by whom? It is first released as a demo and later re-released as a mini-cd on Agonia Records. How did you ended up with Agonia Records and are you satisfied thus far with the work they’ve done for you?
The demo and mcd was recorded in Space Valley Studio in Hjellum, Norway. Also it was mixed here and remixed for the MCD. This studio is owned by Zet from Ram-Zet so he pushed the buttons in this recording. As for Agonia I send a lot of demos around to different labels and ended up with Agonia Records and Flesh For Beast. Mainly because they believed in the band and had a good strategy for it. I’m satisfied for most of the parts but there has also been some mistakes that I just… well it makes me wonder, see next question.

On my cd it says Vindsyn instead of Vidsyn. What went wrong there?
The designer for the MCD send me some cover artwork which had that mistake on it and I told him to correct it. He did and I got the new layout and there was nothing wrong with it. BUT when the first 3000 CD’s was out and I got some copies they somehow used the first layout which had the mistake. This is a major mistake and I just couldn’t believe it but the harm is done. Agonia promised that the mistake would be fixed on the reprint so we’ll just have to wait and see.

For this demo/mini-cd you had quite an impressing line-up. How did you ended up with Nocturno Culto, Helhammer and Assar? And will you use these session members again for your upcoming recording?
I’ve known Nocturno Culto for some time now and I just think he has one of the best vocals in the blackmetal scene. I made “Evil Rises Darkness Falls” with his vocals in mind and he agreed to sing on it but in studio he wanted to do one more so he also sung on “Stormsend Winter Realm”. Hellhammer is a good drummer, he learns fast, plays good and get the work done in short time. When the demo was about to be recorded I wouldn’t use weeks of rehearsal with a new drummer and use a lot of time in studio, so Hellhammer was a good choice. Assar is my brother so the choice for duet on “Battlefield” was easy to make. I don’t know if Nocturno Culto or Hellhammer will appear again but time will tell. Assar will play drums for Vidsyn live and on other recordings from now on.

Like I wrote in my review; it is not really the line-up which is impressive. It is the music that impressed me a lot. You’ve managed to get the music melodic without using any keyboards/ synths. What were your musical influences when starting Vidsyn? In my review I also compared you to Immortal because they were also able to write those frosty guitar riffs which sounded grim yet melodic at the same time. Do you agree here?
Musical influences must be old Dødheimsgard, old Ulver, Immortal, old Darkthrone and bands like that. I agree on comperasment to Immortal but hey, no band can beat Immortal, Vidsyn is only a pale shadow.

How have the reactions been from the press so far for the “On frostbitten path beneath” album?
I’ve only got two reviews on the MCD so far but they were both great. You wrote that it was your personal best album of 2004 and also Panzerfaust Magazine wrote “Buy it and enjoy one of the best black-metal titles of the year.” and gave the MCD 90/100 points. I guess I will get some bad reviews later but so far I’m very pleased!

You were supposed to do a European tour this fall but unfortunately it is postponed ‘till next year. Why was this?
The tour with Atomizer and Impiety was all planned but in the last minute Impiety, witch was headliners, changed their mind. When that happened Agonia couldn’t find a replacement soon enough so the tour was postponed. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens and when.

And have you done a lot live gigs yet? And what can we expect from A Vidsyn gig?
Yes Vidsyn have done gigs, I will soon add some video clip on the website. I think you can expect to see a great show! I’m really happy about the live line-up I have now so I just can’t wait to play live again.

You have also started up your own festival with some others if I’m correct. The Legions on the North festival. What can you tell about this festival and will there be more editions from this festival in the coming years?
Legions Of The North is a Norwegian festival located in Hamar. It’s a festival created by myself and Assar and it has been arranged for 2 years in a row now. But as for this year it collided with the tour Vidsyn was planned to go on and other stuff so it was postponed. But I think that we’ll be back stronger in year 2005!!

What is your personal top 5 album list at the moment?
In no special order:
Immortal – At The Heart Of Winter
Ulver – Bergtatt
Thorns – Thorns
Dødheimsgard – Kronet Til Konge
Enslaved – Below The Lights

What goals do you have set for the future for Vidsyn? And what can we expect in the near future from you?
There are a lot of things happening with Vidsyn in the future. I can’t reveal it all but I can tell you that a 7” is coming, 2 new full-length albums and Vidsyn going to do some gigs in the near future.

Thanks a lot Nattsjel for this interview. Any last words?
Keep checking http://www.vidsyn.net/ news will be added as soon as they are made.
Stay Metal! Cheers!

Interview with Noz Pagan Magazine

1) Well, the biography is in your website so I don’t begin with that.
      But can you explain why you have chosen “Vidsyn” for the name of the band
and what’s the meaning of it?

Vidsyn is not an unusual name here in Norway, but enough about that.
The word can have many different interpretations:

If you would translate the name into English it would mean something like:
“wide sight” or “wide view”.

From the Norse Mythology, Odin’s ravens were “vidsynte” meaning they’re eyes could
cover a huge landscape and report back to Odin. The word Vidsyn can also mean that
one is open-minded about things.

2) Nocturno Culto and Hellhammer have contributed on the Demo.
How do you know them and how is born this collaboration?

Nocturno Culto I’ve known for a like a decade and I wrote the song Evil Rises Darkness Falls
especially for his vocals. In the studio however he did one more song, seems foolish not to use
his vocals more when you first have the chance. Damn good vocalist!!
He probably should have done vocals for the whole demo.
As for Hellhammer I’ve never meet him before, but I needed a drummer that could
play the songs fast without having to use weeks or even months rehearsing the songs
and spending many days in studio. Great guy who’s always been in the scene.

3) Well, for me your music could be named as “Winter Metal”… Are you agree with me?
      How could you describe your music for a person who didn’t know your band?

I agree, all the lyrics reflect the Norwegian cold winters, mountains, ravens etc. And the music is very cold and atmospheric blackmetal, not using synth or samples, the guitars make the melodic sound. In the vein of Immortal, At The Heart Of Winter.

4) In the same way, we can found some similarities with IMMORTAL… What do you think of this band?

Immortal is a great band! To be mention in the same sentence as this band is an honour. Although to be honest, Vidsyn have some of the atmospheric parts that Immortal has but Immortal have so much more aggression and I think no other band could ever take Immortals place on the frozen throne.

5) What’s your favourite Vidsyn’s song and why?

I think almost every song is my favourite song since they were made during a special time so I have memories with every song. Also the songs were written with a certain mood in mind. But if I have to pick one it would be Take Me Up To Higher Ground. That song got a fucking great groove.

6) What I very appreciate is the faculty you have to create some great some atmospheres without synthesizer!
      I think some people now are searching this kind of way, like a return to the roots…

Yeah many Norwegian bands are going back to the roots. The scene has had different stages, off course, and I think the introduction and use of synth tried to lift the whole genre into another level. And in some way it did because the band that abused synth, by that meaning that the synth took over as the lead instrument instead of the guitar, got hold of a younger audience and a broader audience. My opinion has always been that black metal is all about the special kind of feeling. Some bands get away with abusing synth but that’s not what black metal is all about. You can get a better feeling by using guitar or perhaps female vocals instead of synth. All in all it’s that cold chilly feeling I yearn for when I make music and perhaps the music sounds better to people with the same blackmetal attitude.

7) Can you present the « Legions Of The North festival » and your implication within?
      Have you some anecdotes about it?

The Legions Of The North is a Norwegian festival located in Hamar. It’s a festival created by myself and Assar and it has been arranged 2 years in a row now. As for now I think we’ll have to skip a year, many reasons for this but all I can say is that we’ll be back stronger in year 2005!!

8) What’s your philosophy of life? (Are you interested in the live after the death or the out of body experiences?)

I hope there is no life after death, if there is there must be a life in between. What if you die and you get trapped in between death and the next life, see all the ones that love you dig you into the ground, and get damned to forever walk in the same place. You get my point.

9) Are Vidsyn gonna play live?

Yes off course!!! We are currently rehearsing for a tour as support band for Impiety and Atomizer. The Vidsyn line-up will be:

Nattsjel (Endsum, Vidsyn) - Guitars & Vocals,
Aquilion (Endsum, The Black Gate) - Guitars,
Decepticon (Beyond Insanity, pestiferous) - Bass,
Assar (Endsum, Jernbyrde, Eljudner) - Drums

10) Last words to the Belgians…

Take the trip to our live shows, I’ll promise it will be worth it!! Stay metal!!

Interview with Eternal Terrror

ET – Vi kan jo begynne med å fortelle våre lesere litt om bakgrunnen for Vidsyn.

NATTSJEL - Vidsyn ble grunnlagt i begynnelsen av 1999 av meg og da som et solo prosjekt. I den spede begynnelse var det bare meg men jeg hadde med meg noen session folk til live spilling. Etter hvert som det ble laget flere sanger så var det naturlig å gå over til å bli ett band med flere medlemmer. Evral ble på trommer i 2001 og spilte i bandet til 2003, det samme med Michtian som ble med ikke lenge etter på bass.
På grunn av avstander og deres engasjement til andre band bestemte jeg at Vidsyn skulle gå tilbake til solo prosjekt. Noe som føltes naturlig da siden jeg lager alt musikk og tekster selv. Innspilling og live i disse dager har jeg med meg session musikere, men hvordan det blir i fremtiden er det ingen som vet.
Jeg spilte i ett band med noen av de samme som spiller i Endsum i dag på midten av 90 tallet, da det bandet ble oppløst startet de andre Endsum først og jeg ble med på vokal noen år senere.

ET – Er det enklere å kjøre Vidsyn som et enmannsprosjekt eller som et fullt band?

NATTSJEL - Enmannsprosjekt er definitivt lettere, her jeg bor i skauen er det altfor få som spiller metal og da må man reise lange avstander for å få til øvinger. Hittil har jeg hatt dårlig erfaring med folk som ikke gidder å satse på musikken og på Vidsyn spesielt. Men dette kan jo forandre seg med tiden.

ET - Over til skiva On Frostbitten Path Beneath. Så vidt jeg har fått med meg, så er det stort sett meget gode reviews den har fått.

NATTSJEL - Ja demoen som du sikter til har jeg ikke fått noe særlig negativ tilbakemelding på, det folk kan si som minus var måten skiva var mikset og mastret på. Nå var jo dette en demo så akkurat det var ikke så viktig for meg. Men alt i alt så ser det ut til at folk liker musikken og det er bra. Nå kommer demoen til å bli utgitt i august og da har jeg spilt inn vokalen min på nytt og i tillegg er alt mikset og mastret på nytt. Og det er også spilt inn en coverlåt av Immortal til vinylutgivelsene.

ET - Remix og remaster av demoen, er det du selv som har stått for det?

NATTSJEL - Demoen er spilt inn i Space Valley Studio. Mixet og remixet av Henning "Zet" Ramseth. Remastringen er gjort i Studio Q i Polen av Tom Horn.

ET – Noen ord om bonuslåta som blir å finne på vinylutgaven.

NATTSJEL - Det er en cover av Immortal's - Withstand The Fall Of Time, første kuttet på At The Heart Of Winter skiva. Var ganske overmodig av meg å prøve å gjenskape det Immortal har laget, men om ikke annet så synes jeg den låta fikk litt mer Vidsyn preg over seg. Line-up på den låta er: Nattsjel - Gitar og vokal, Evral - Trommer, Seidemann - Bass, Agnete M. Kirkevaag - vokal.

ET - Med tekster om snø og vinter og en musikk lik den stilen Immortal hadde, er det noen som har sagt at Vidsyn ligner veldig på Immortal?

NATTSJEL – Ja, det er en sammenligning jeg ofte får når folk hører Vidsyn. Men Immortal er nok forsatt noen hakk kvassere enn Vidsyn hehe.

ET - Vidsyn har jo med gjesteartister så det holder. Var det lett å få med alle disse på innspillingen?

NATTSJEL - De sa ja alle sammen ganske fort, så det var ikke noe problem. Egentlig så var det ikke meningen å få med så mange, men det bare ble slik. I ettertid så vet jeg ikke om det var så positivt for Vidsyn.... Jeg har fått mye pes på akkurat dette. En del folk tror at jeg ikke klarer å lage bra nok musikk etc. så jeg må få med meg kjente folk for å "selge" mer. Låtene har jo jeg laget så jeg ser ikke helt problemet, men folk får ha sine meninger.

ET - Det er jo en meget imponerende gjesteartistliste. Er det aktuelt for noen av dem å være med å spille live fremover?

NATTSJEL - Nocturno Culto har jeg kjent i mange år og han har snakket på det lenge at han ville gjøre noe med oss gutta i Endsum, men det har bare vært med snakket. Det slo meg at kanskje han skulle synge noen låter på skiva og låten "Evil Rises Darkness Falls" er laget med hans vokal i tankene. I ettertid har han sagt at han gjerne synger på neste skive og live men han er jo en opptatt mann så vi får se. Når det gjelder alle de andre så er jeg litt usikker men sånn det ligger an i dag skal Evral ta trommene live og Aquilion fra Endsum skal håndtere andregitaren.

ET - Hvis Vidsyn live blir med en annerledes line up, så kan det jo bli en utfordring for de som blir med å gjenskape sounden fra skiva.

NATTSJEL - Nei egentlig ikke. Jeg spiller jo gitar, bass og vokal på skiva og live kommer jeg til å spille gitar og vokal. Når det gjelder Nocturno Culto's vokal så synger jeg de sangene også. "Stormsend Winter Realm" har jeg blant annet spilt og sunget live før. Det største problemet blir nok å klare å spille det kaoset som Hellhammer lager, den mannen er født med trommestikker i hendene hehe. Men jeg har tro på Evral og han er både ung og lovende trommeslager så han skal i alle fall fikse det meste av det. Han har jo vært med i bandet før så han kan jo mesteparten av låtene også noe som gjøre innøvingen lettere.

ET - Det var mest Hellhammers spetakkel jeg mente ja hehe, men nok om det. Du sa tidligere at det var du som skrev alt på låtene. Fikk du noen råd og tips om forbedringer/endringer fra de som var med under innspillingen?
NATTSJEL - Ikke så mye. Nå er ikke jeg noen trommeslager så Hellhammer fikk frie tøyler til å spille mer teknisk på visse deler av låtene, men basisen er lik det jeg har laget. Utenom det så var det vel uenigheter om de ravnene på introen, studioteknikeren syntes det hørtes ut som noen jævla kråker hehe.

ET - Layouten og utformingen av bookleten er det også du som har stått for. Er det selvlært eller har du noen form for utdanning innen området?

NATTSJEL - Jeg er selvlært. Hjelper folk og band i hytt og pine med cover, hjemmesider, tekster etc. Coverne jeg er mest stolt av er vel de jeg lagde til Hordes - Through Wonder And Agony og Abyrium - To The Northern Kingdom."

ET – Platekontrakt?

NATTSJEL - Jeg sendte noen demoer til forskjellige labels og fikk veldig fort napp hos Agonia Records i Polen. Etter litt frem og tilbake ble det en co-signing med både Agonia Records og Flesh For Beast her i Norge. Dette er egentlig midt i blinken for da har man 2 labels som kan være støttespillere både i innlands og utlands. Kontrakten jeg signerte på er for en MCD/MLP/PicLP og to fullengdere CD/LP/PicLP. I tillegg til dette skal det også bli gitt ut litt merchandise og det er planer om å spille inn en musikk video engang i fremtiden.

ET - Tilbake til coveret. Er dette at du lager cover for andre band noe du vil fortsette med og blir det noe penger av det, hehe?

NATTSJEL - Ja jeg gjør det jeg får tid til og jeg tar aldri penger for noe av det jeg gjør, dessverre hehe. Men som sagt har man tid og mulighet, er det bare gøy og dessuten er det jo ikke bortkastet for meg heller, for jeg lærer jo veldig mye hver gang jeg gjør noe.

ET - Jeg gir meg ikke med det der. Har du noen hjemmeside hvor band kan se hva du har laget og eventuelt en kontaktadresse hvis de ønsker at du skal lage et cover for dem?

NATTSJEL - Nei jeg har ikke noen hjemmeside på det da det kun er hobbybasis og det finnes nok av de som er flinkere enn meg hehe, men om folk vil kontakte meg så finnes det e-mail info på www.vidsyn.net.

ET - On Frostbitten Path Beneath kommer som du sa i august på Agonia/Flesh For Beast. Har du begynt å tenke på den første fullengderen?

NATTSJEL – Ja, jeg har laget noen tekster og noen riff. Men som du sikkert forstår så er det ikke så lett å skrive låter om snø og kulde når man ser ut gjennom vindu og det er sol og 25 pluss grader. Inspirasjon til å lage musikk kommer ofte mye fortere med en gang snøen kommer og jeg tar noen turer på fjellet. Har vært en tur i Lom nå i sommer for å få litt mer inspirasjon også. Skal nok dit noen ganger til i løpet av sommeren. Veldig majestetiske fjell der.

ET - Hvordan blir det med liveopptredener nå fremover? Noen konserter som er klar?

NATTSJEL - Plateselskapene har planer om en Norgesturne etter at skiva slippes men jeg har ikke fått noen mer info om når eller hvor. Vil prøve å spille mest mulig live for det er jo det som gir mest tilbake.

ET - Sånn avslutningsvis: Du er jo dypt involvert i Legions Of The North Festivalen. Har du noe du kan komme med angående årets festival?

NATTSJEL - Legions Of The North ligger jo som de fleste vet i Hamar og det er ikke akkurat metalens navle. Så for at vi i det hele tatt skal komme ut av det med vår egen økonomi i behold er vi avhengig av at band vil spille live for metalens skyld og ikke pengene. Med andre ord så vi har ikke penger til å betale band for å spille men vi håper jo alltid på at noen band vil spille gratis. Grunnideen bak hele konseptet var å få etablert en festival utenfor Oslos grenser. De siste 2 gangene har det gått litt minus og i grenseland med økonomien. Hvis vi begynner å betale band så havner vi fort langt under minus, jeg kan forstå at det går an i Oslo for der kommer det 200 personer, men sånn er det dessverre ikke i Hamar.
Hvordan det hele blir avviklet og arrangert i år vet jeg ikke enda. Jeg har blitt kontaktet av en rekke band så vi får se. En ting er sikkert: Legions Battle må bort. Det var en god ide men systemet var litt ustabilt for å si det slik hehe. Om hjernen min funker som den skal, så skal vi nok finne på noe mer genialt til neste gang.

ET - Når skiva kommer, hvordan blir den distribuert i Norge og hvor kan man få tak i den?

NATTSJEL - Skiva blir distribuert i Norge og resten av verden. Det kommer til å komme annonser i rundt 300 blader/zines rundt omkring så den skal ikke bli vanskelig å få tak på. Helt konkret hvor den distribueres vet jeg ikke men uansett så kommer jeg også til å selge litt gjennom websiden til Vidsyn og plateselskapene kommer også til å selge litt.

ET – Da vil jeg takke for praten og lykke til videre med Vidsyn.

NATTSJEL - Sjekk ut Vidsyn - On Frostbitten Path Beneath! Mer info finner du på www.vidsyn.net. Takk for intervjuet Rune!

Interview with Metalindia

Greetings “Nattsjel”. To begin with please define VIDSYN? And what led to the formation of this band!

Definition of Vidsyn is best known by simply listen to it!

It started out as a solo project, because I wanted to make something out off all the cool riffs and lyrics I had in my head.

What makes VIDSYN different than others?

I think Vidsyn have found it’s own sound that combines a mixture of both modern and old black metal where the lyrics reflects the cold chills from the depths of a soul born in the midst of Norwegian nature.

How has the response been for your MCD release?

Most people seem to like the music and the demo was sold out in couple of weeks, the MCD is to be released in July/August through Agonia Records and Flesh For Beast.

How do you see the Norwegian stand for blackmetal in the years to come? Was it better before or is it now?

There are many good bands on the Norwegian blackmetal horizon. And a good thing is that for some reason the circle is soon completed so many bands have gone back to the early blackmetal roots and plays blackmetal the way it should be played. I don’t see any wrong with bands that have gone a couple of steps away from traditional blackmetal but then again maybe you should think again before you call it blackmetal. Or atleast put some sort of label before blackmetal. I think the blackmetal scene was better before because it was more underground and didn’t really have that media hype it has today.

What’s gone into the lyrical concepts?

For Vidsyn it’s all about the cold mysterious winters in Norway and the mountains. Looking at statistics, cause of death number one is nature. As for the winter and snow its beautyfull as hell but its also seriously deadly if you take if for granted. Maybe that’s something to think about.

What do we expect from the upcoming releases, any changes (if any) that you wish to disclose?

I think Vidsyn will stay on the same path it has since the beginning. Both musically and lyrically.

How did the deal come up with Agonia and Flesh for Beast Records?

I send some demos to different labels to check the response and maybe get a record deal. Agonia Records had a very good offer so I signed with them. Agonia Records had done some co-labeling with Norwegian based label Flesh For Beast before and I think its in my favor that I have a contact on Norwegian soil that deals with things in Norway.

Could you explain us more with this statement that says: "The recording session also features Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone on vocal, and Hellhammer of Mayhem on battery together with members of 1349". How did it all generate?

Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) did vocals on two songs on the MCD, Hellhammer (Mayhem) did all the drums on the MCD, Seidemann (1349) did bass on a bonus track for the MLP, Agnete (Madder Mortem) did some vocals on the bonus track for the MLP. Apart from this Zet (Ram-Zet) played some acoustic guitars on the MCD and Assar (Endsum, Jernbyrde) did some co-vocals on one song on the MCD. For more information you have to read on the cover of each release.

I have known Nocturno Culto for many years so I just asked him and send him some live recordings, as for the rest of the people I know some off them and some are friends of friends so to speak. This project is fucking turning into a all star band!

What are your views about the bands permanent line up to come or it’s to be a solo project?

The band is mainly a solo project but for studio and live I use session players. The band started as solo project, developed into a band, then it kind of stripped down to being solo project again.

Which earlier albums do u still listen to and probably the ones that have influenced the "musical pathway" for this band? Any new recordings you wish to suggest us?

I often listen to Norwegian bands like Darkthrone, Immortal, Dødheimsgard (old), Ved Buens Ende, old man’s child (old), Aura Noir, Satyricon, Enslaved, Ulver, Emperor etc. But I also listen death metal bands like Morbid Angel, Obituary etc.

Musically I would say that Vidsyn is influenced by Immortal, both when it comes to music and lyrics.

Listen to bands like Jernbyrde, Grenjar, Tangorodrim, the new Deicide album is great! And also the new Vital Remains!

That would be all! Please put forward your views and anything else you would like to share with METALINDIA and all the other readers to this article!

Check out the new Vidsyn MCD/MLP entitled “On Frostbitten Path Beneath” when it is released!

Interview with Explosion Cerebral Zine

Interview with Explosion Cerebral Zine, Peru

1- Please introduce the band to the Peruvian readers...

Vidsyn was born in early 1999 by me, Nattsjel. It has gone from being a solo project to full band and back again to solo project as it is today. I use session players in studio and for live shows as for the moment, what the future will bring only time will tell.

2- Have you completed your line-up, do you create music and lyrics, how do you do your music?

As mention above, Vidsyn is a solo project so I make all the music and lyrics myself. As for the studio recordings you’ll have to read on the booklet to see what person is playing or doing what. I often make the riffs on my guitar first, and then I put it all together so it becomes the basic of a song. When this is done I make the lyrics and the rest is fairly easy after that.

3- How do you describe your music, is based in your roots your music, or is it in a deeper level?

The music just comes naturally for me. The lyric describes nature in Norway and winter time to be more exact. I like the winter time of the year most and I also have a thing for mountains and ravens. Read my lyrics and you’ll understand….

4- Have you released your CD demo, how is the answer of the media?

Yes the demo entitled “On Frostbitten Path Beneath” is out and also sold-out. All feedback I have got is overall good. The release of the demo led to a record deal with Agonia Records and Flesh For Beast. To release one MCD/MLP/PicLP and two full-length CD/LP/PicLP. The MCD/MLP will have the same title as the demo and the same songs, just rerecorded some parts, mixed all over again and mastered in another studio. The MLP will have a cover song which features Seidemann (1349) on bass, Agnete (Madder Mortem) on vocals and Evral (Wyruz) on drums.

5- Have you played in other bands, do you have actual projects?

I’m the lead singer in a band called Endsum, www.endsumlegions.com, which plays a mixture of black, thrash and death metal. Or as we call it “Blackthrashaggression”! I also have some project on the side but nothing worth mention at this moment..

6- What can you say us about the contracts with Agonia and Flesh for Beast, how do you get them?

When I was done recording the demo I send some copies out to different labels and Agonia Records and Flesh For Beast gave me the best offer. The contract is for one MCD/MLP/PicLP and two full-length CD/LP/PicLP. The first release, the MCD/MLP entitled “On Frostbitten Path Beneath” is set to be released in July/August.

7- What do you know of Peru or South America?

I know what I learned in history back in my school days hehe.

8- How was to play with Nocturno Culto and Hellhammer, how did you say to them?

I known NC for many years and I think he has a very good blackmetal vocal. To bad he have restricted his vocals to only sing in Darkthrone, that is about to change. Those who follow the Norwegian blackmetal scene will soon know another band NC does all the vocals on the next full-length album. As for Hellhammer I have never actually talked to him before the recordings of this demo, he’s a cool guy! And a fantastic drummer! They say Norwegians are born with ski on their feet’s; Hellhammer must have been born with drumsticks in his hands hehe

9- Are you satanic, what do you think about the past acts in your country, which is your point of view?

To most religious people I am satanic but I don’t look at myself that way. I hate Christianity and I am against it but I don’t go around burning churches for that reason. I think what happened in the early 90’s in Norway, with all the church burnings never really made any different. People just build their churches up again and the community around the churches just got stronger since they all pitched in and stood guard etc. I think the Christianity in Norway will eventually fade into the darkness since it is a new generation and people don’t give a fuck about fairytales of God anymore. The state gives money to churches and Christianity in Norway but it has been up to discussion for a while now that state and church shall be divided. Let’s just hope it happens, my fucking tax money goes to build churches fools burned down in the 90’s!

10- What do you think about all that is happening in Iraq, do you think that USA have reason, why?

Think Bush has some souls on his conscience

11- Will you play in live, have you played in live with the session members?

Yeah off course! Vidsyn will play live as much as possible. The session members on the demo/mini album has not participated in live performance but Vidsyn have played live with other session members as well as full time members.

12- Any future plan?

The MCD/MLP/PicLP is coming soon! Finished recorded and mixed so it’s on its way to be mastered in Studio Q (in Poland). It will be out in the stores around the end of July/beginning of August. Apart from that I’m working on new material for the upcoming full-length album and also rehearsing for live performance.

13- Any last comment?

Hail Peruvian readers! Check out Vidsyn at www.vidsyn.net !!

Interview with Devastation Webzine



In early 1999 I gave birth to Vidsyn because I wanted to make some music that felt right for me, lyrically and musically. I think that’s why the music has its own sound and soul.


That's true, I have had some musicians playing in Vidsyn. Some as session players both live and in studio, and some as permanent members. Who they are and what they played is a long story so we'll keep it short here. As for the celebrity members you are referring to they are Nocturno Culto known from the Norwegian band Darkthrone and Hellhammer known from many bands but mostly from the Norwegian band Mayhem. They are not members of Vidsyn, they only appear on the demo recording, but maybe they will do more collaboration with Vidsyn later, time will tell.

As for the contact of these two I have known Nocturno Culto for many years now and he have been talking about doing something with me and the other guys in Endsum for a long time now. I was thinking about his vocal when I made the song "Evil Rises Darkness Falls" and the song really fit his vocals! He's a damn good vocalist. As for Hellhammer I didn’t know him before this recording, but since I didn't have a drummer at the time of the recording I wanted someone that was quite good and fast learner. Then I didn't have to rehearsal all the songs over and over again. Hellhammer liked the songs I send him so he was up for it. He must have been born with drumsticks in his hands hehe


The collaboration between Agonia Records and Flesh For Beast is nothing new, they have done this for some time now with bands like Urgehal and Vulture Lord. I think the collaboration will be good for Vidsyn since Agonia Records which is based in Poland does all the promotion, concerts etc. outside Norway and Flesh For Beast which is a label based in Norway do all the things in Norway. This way they cover a lot more ground and they’ll be there for Vidsyn. I think this record deal is the best for Vidsyn because I get total freedom and they support me. The deal is a MCD/MLP/PicMLP and 2 full-length albums CD/LP and PicLP and more.


As for the demo I’ll use another mans words:

“Blizzard winds sweeps throughout this demo...Cold chills from the depths of a soul born in the midst of Norwegian nature! For fans of Immortal, Dark Fortress and Twin Obsenity. The demo also features Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone on vokills, and Hellhammer of Mayhem on battery! Let the evil rise.....” -The Unborn

The MCD will be the same as the demo but I will record all my vocals again since I had a fucking cold last time I recorded it. The demo will be remixed so it will sound better and off course also a new mastering. As for the cover artwork there will be a whole new artwork.

For the MLP and picMLP there will also be a bonus track I think.


Endsum is my main band beside Vidsyn where I do the lead vocals. It’s five members and we play a mixture of black/death and thrash metal. Or as we call it “Unholy blackthrash aggression”! We are soon to enter a studio to record a new demo (nr. 3) if you wanna know more about Endsum you can check out www.endsumlegions.com. Slavia was just a one time gig that I and Aquilion from Endsum participated on, it was fun but we did way too little rehearsal for that one hehe. Nattsjel have never been a band and never will be since that’s my nick! I also feature on other bands/project on guitar, bass, vocals etc.



I like those bands, total underground! Off course the sound quality of these bands fit their music but wouldn’t fit Vidsyn. There are a lot of these bands in Norway these days, seams like many people are sick and tired of the synth based Dimmu Borgir sound so the go back to the early Darkthrone years. Check out bands like Jernbyrde, Grenjar, Vantro etc.


Yeah, I’ll be sure to check those out!


Close your eyes and feel the eternal frostbitten grimness that comes with Vidsyn!