Vidsyn – On Frostbitten Path Beneath- MCD

1. Stormsend Winter Realm
2. Take Me Up To Higher Ground
3. On Frostbitten Path Beneath
4. Evil Rises Darkness Falls
5. Battlefield

Recorded in Space Valley Studio, February 2004.
Engineered and remixed by H. Ramseth and Nattsjel.
Mastered at Studio Q by Tom Horn.
Pressed: 3000 copies.

Recording line-up:
Nattsjel: Guitars, Bass and Vocals.
Nocturno Culto: Vocals on "SWR” and "ERDF".
Hellhammer: Drums.
Assar: Guest Vocals on "Battlefield".
Zet: Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars.

All music / lyrics and arrangements by Nattsjel.
Layout and design by Andrzej Zdrojewski.


9. Nocturnal Cult
8. Zwaremetalen
7. Demonized Blessing Fanzine
6. Mordor Magazine
5. La Horde Noire
4. Voices Of The Darkside
3. Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
2. Vampire Magazine
1. Panzerfaust

Nocturnal Cult


On Frostbitten Path Beneath

Agonia Records 2005

It was a sad sad day for me when Immortal disbanded. They had always occupied a special place in my heart. With that said I can now rejoice because a new king of "frostbitten" metal has risen to the throne and its name is Vidsyn. Stylistically similar but with a more melodic and less brutal approach Vidsyn occupies a very similar place as did later day Immortal. On this release one man artist Nattsjel has composed some impressive material for a debut outing. He has also managed to enlist the aid of some very high profile companions such as Hellhammer and Nocturnal Culto. Hellhammer performs all drums on this release but has managed to control himself and reign in his metronomic mayhem. Nocturno Culto does the vocals on two songs, namely Stormsend Winter Realm and Evil Rises Darkness Falls. Though I am not sure why he bothered to get Culto since Nattsjel's own vocals are very impressive on their own and are maybe a little more throaty and dry than Culto's as a means of contrast. No one song truly stands out except for maybe Take me Up to Higher Ground because of its calm acoustic guitar passage in the middle. That song is possibly my favorite because the main melodic riff is so catchy and it holds the attention while the drumming beneath shifts its tempo. It is like a snake uncoiling. The productions is crisp and with the ice focused lyrics I feel it suits the music perfectly. If you miss Immortal then definitely pick this up and you will not be disappointed in the least. But be certain that there are still mild stylistic differences that let Vidsyn shine as their own entity. It is comforting to hear an artistic vision this impressive yet familiar wander the cold north once again.


Vidsyn – ”On frostbitten path beneath” MCD
(Agonia Records, MCD 2004)

Vidsyn is a Norwegian one-man band founded by Nattsjel, somewhere in the year 1999. This On Frostbitten Paths Beneath MCD is his first real piece of work and he has called in the help from not the most unknown names in the black metal scene, that is Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) and Hellhammer (Mayhem).

Probably the guy has some difficulties with the fact that his fellow countrymen Immortal recently ceased to exist, because he obviously brings up the same cold atmosphere. Many guitar riffs could have easily come from an At the Heart of Winter or a Sons of Northern Darkness and also the lyrics are in the same vein. I have to say that Vidsyn does not any moment reaches the quality of his great example, but definately comes quite near! The songs are qualitatively very high and that also can be said about the production. Well, it's not a 100% copy of Immortal, because other paths within the voluminous black metal sound are being walked most definately on this album. Most probably unintended, but the material is also a little comparable with the Swiss band Meridian, who in the year 2002 surprised the metalworld with their debut The Seventh Sun.

So don't expect an extremely raw, primitive kind of work, but a mini-CD in which has been put a lot of effort with regard to the eventual sound and where the musical quality and the high level of songwriting dominates. Now let's hope that this is not an only-once project, because this is a band with great potency, which, when more and more an own style is created, can grow quite big in the future. Immortal is no more. Fortunately then a band as Vidsyn arises who comes with a salve for our wounded feelings.

Robert de Leeuw

Demonized Blessing Fanzine

Vidsyn – ”On frostbitten path beneath” MCD
(Agonia Records, MCD 2004)

Vidsyn is a pretty new norwegian band, to most people anyway, formed in 1999 by the captain Nattsjel (really a one-man band with session-members). This is in fact their second demo released as a MCD by Agonia Records. Nattsjel isn’t new in the game btw, he runs the ”Legions on the North festival” and is a member of norwegian thrashers Endsum.

It’s hard not to draw parallels with Immortal, wether it’s the music or image. That’s not a bad thing because I really like Immortal and Vidsyn striked me to the ground in the same way as Immortal did with ”Battles in the North”, but reminds me more of their later albums. ”OFPB” has the same energy, and ”icy”-feeling as Immortal and of course have the presence of Nocturno Culto and Hellhammer helped to promote the band. But with songs like ”Evil rises darkness falls” and ”Take me up to higher ground” they promote themselves, great lyrics and cover too.

Hellhammer’s drumming is flawless as usual and I like Nocturno’s vocals more than Nattsjel’s on this release, he doesn’t sound like Abbath quite that much hehe. There’s nothing to whine about in the production, they got a really powerful sound in the Space Valley-studio, got damn, the guitars sounds like an ice-wind on the cold winter mountains…

I want the fullength now Nattsjel!

9/10 – Lord Geryon


Mordor Magazine

VIDSYN - On Frostbitten Path Beneath
(AGONIA Records - mCD 2004)

What happened if you have a band with people from MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE and 1349? Exactly, it results in group called VIDSYN. Also the musical fusion would have to be quite interesting. I can assure that it is! VIDSYN come purely geographically from Norway and also sounds very Norwegian. We are naturally talking about Black Metal here, which sounds rattling cold. Partly it sounds quite moderate IMMORTAL, which probably is because of the geographical situation of the group. The five Songs on the MCD, are very dynamic in riffing and speed. The whole sound is somehow well-known, almost like a cool beer on a hot summer day. Guitar riffs are very frosty and make the right Nordic atmosphere. The singing fits absolutely perfect, all the same whether Nattsjel or Nocturno Culto at the microphone stand. All in all VIDSYN offers here simply simple, but very good Black Metal. The Songs follows consistently the old traditions and is very usual therefore. This is a master work and that are audible in the quality and the force of expression of the music. „On Frostbitten Path Beneath” is a great album, which will please all friends of Nordic Black Metal. Trailers of the old school will be bewitched.............

An album which one simply must have....

10 of 10


La Horde Noirefont>

VIDSYN - On Frostbitten Path Beneath
(AGONIA Records - mCD 2004)

Fuck, I thought IMMORTAL had split up. Well, nice come back guys, you succeed to…huh?…What? Who? Isn't it IMMORTAL? God damn it, I have been fucked. Nevertheless it sounds like At the heart of winter, same production, same kind of riffs, a voice similar to Abbath's… Well, I must say I'm pleased with it, even if the copy is a bit too based sometimes, because the band captured the unique atmosphere of the IMMORTAL’s album : same feeling, same structures (alas not in the length). But there are some good differences, like acoustic guitars and some pagan vocals. Some riffs remind me of the excellent STRAASHA, especially during the melodic and epic moments. It’s an excellent surprise, for those who like IMMORTAL and who wished to see a sequel to At the heart… The black metal played here is well done, catchy and I hope that they’ll do an album very quickly ; but with more differences. To be an IMMORTAL copycat is not the best thing to be recognized in the scene. Here it’s quite good on a short length but I don’t know on a LP. I stop here my complaints; the nostalgic from the ATHOW era have to get it quickly. The others have to take a look on this MCD too.


Jabuse Docteur


Voices Of The Darkside

VIDSYN - On Frostbitten Path Beneath
(AGONIA Records - mCD 2004)

VIDSYN from Norway pretty much consists of one man alone: Nattsjel. Founded in 1999 the band went through quite a few lineup changes until the recording of this EP. Once again, Nattsjel had to find session members and he found some big names willing to help him out. So we're not tortured by a plastic drum computer but rather by a human one, namely Hellhammer. The other Black Metal "star" is Nocturno Culto singing on 'Stormsend Winter Realm' and 'Evil Rises Darkness Falls'. This might lead to the conclusion that VIDSYN are playing "grim" Black Metal. Instead, I'd rather call it Viking because of the guitar harmonies. Fortunately, the band neither comes up with big BATHORY choirs nor with keyboard bubble gum but skillfully balances on the edge between the brutal and the "pagan" Black style. Rather mid paced hymns with a rough and cold touch that sometimes reminds me of the most Viking sounding band in the world, DOOMSWORD from Italy and sometimes a little of IMMORTAL. Nattsjel's songwriting is definitely above the average - not redefining the genre but memorable, Hellhammer finds a way to support the good impression of "On Frostbitten Path Beneath" with some playful elements and Nattsjel's vocals don't even sound weak in comparison to one of my favorite BM vocalists, Nocturno Culto. Leaving aside philosophy, there are two more reasons why you'll have to get the vinyl version of this one: there will be bonus tracks included and the phantastic cover art simply deserves the bigger format. Finally, there will be a European tour in 2005 but don't ask me about the lineup. Instead, check their homepage every now and then: http://www.vidsyn.net

Ramon Claassen

Les Acturs de l*Ombre, France

VIDSYN - On Frostbitten Path Beneath
(AGONIA Records - mCD 2004)

Formed in 1999, Vidsyn releases its first recording. Nattsjel leads the band with a master's hand since the very first day but recently he's been helped by big names in the Norvegian Black Metal scene ( Nocturno Culto: vocals on the second and the fourth track and Hellhammer on drums) as session members.

A raven on a branch. a grey background. interlaced design on both sides of the cover. It seems to announce the band is playing Viking Metal. Inside the booklet one can find reproductions of the cover. The artwork is pleasant and careful.

It begins with murmurings : wind, caw of the spiritual guide of this entity. Directly, the guitars are incisive but melodic, rhythmical but lively. Heavy metal influences can be heard on the whole album. The band uses no traditional instruments unlike to a lot of bands within this particuliar scene. Tracks are rather mid-tempo oriented. There is a point some may don't care about : the understanding of traditional black metal voice. But for once, it can be understood easily and it's enjoyable to my ears. It helps me penetrating into the mood created by the music. Once or twice, one can even hear vocals with "clear voice". Drums parts are sober and aren't overmixed. The vocals are shown to advantage. But it isn't a "à la française" production (I mean vocals ahead the other instruments). Everything's done so that no instrument is privileged compared to the others. And this is why each member's work can be grasped. This is also why the music can be appreciated. The main riff on "Evil Rises-Darkness Falls" will live on in memories for a long time and its chorus "Evil Rises Darkness Falls, Freezing Night Raven Calls" will be sung as a war hymn.

The band's name "Vidsyn" comes from a word meaning "able to see far away" and was used to describe Odin's ravens' (Hugin and Munin) capacities. I received this ability in a dream a few days ago and I saw that this band is able to make a name for itself within the Viking metal scene (even if there are already a lot of Viking bands). This first release is very promising. The band's universe reminds me Immortal or Mithotyn's ones so I hope their fans will give the band a chance and that Nattsjel will keep on composing such a good music.

Added: January 29, 2005
Reviewer: Wtpos
Genaral score: 7,5/10
Production: 4/6
Cover: 4/6
Composition: 4/6

Vampire Magazine

VIDSYN - On Frostbitten Path Beneath
(AGONIA Records - mCD 2004)

Vidsyn is a Norwegian one-man band which was founded in 1999 by Nattsjel. Over the years he had many session- and fulltime members in the line-up but nowadays it is a one-man band again, using different session-members to record the demo and debut mini-cd. And the session-members which Nattsjel had asked to join on this recording are not the least. What about Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto on vocals, Helhammer (a.o. Mayhem) on drums and Assar (a.o. Jernbyrde) on vocals. But to be honest, it's not the 'big' names what is impressive here, it all is about the music. And it is the music what makes this mini-cd so outstanding. "On frostbitten path beneath" contains traditional Norwegian underground blackmetal, though with a descent sound. And what makes this cd so good are the melody lines which are made by the guitars only. No keyboards are used to set in the right mood. When listening to these five tracks I get visions from snowfilled lanscapes and mountain slopes, frozen lakes and glaciers....the beauty of winter. If you have been in the Norwegian forests and mountain sites during the winter time you will know what I mean.

Immortal had that characteristic frosty touch and with Vidsyn it's about the same here. And also the guitars are a bit like Immortal and maybe even a bit like Satyricon on their "The shadowthrone" album. Cold and grim Norwegian blackmetal. Like I already mentioned before, it's the guitars that give each track that melodic recognizable touch like forementioned bands also are/were able to produce. Furthermore the package is worth mentioning. The great looking painted cover reflects the icy frostbitten music perfectly and the lay-out from the booklet looks very good as well. So all in all really worth your last money. This year I have heard quite some high quality releases but "On frostbitten path beneath" is my personal favourite. Each song definately stands on its own with its well balanced combination of aggression and melody. Vidsyn, a great band! "On frostbitten path beneath" an excellent mini-cd!

Added: December 11, 2004
Reviewer: Marcel
Score: -

Panzerfaust Zine #4, Poland

VIDSYN - On Frostbitten Path Beneath
(AGONIA Records - mCD 2004)

Let me start with some words introducing VIDSYN, since I would like to pass you a full knowledge of what this band is about.
Nattsjel formed it in 1999 in Norway as one-man band. Today Nattsjel still is the only dude behind VIDSYN,
but pretty often he’s forced to use some session musicians. Among them there were persons you know very well from some
famous band, but I won’t give you those names… I want you to check out „On Frostbitten Path Beneath” because of the great
music composed by Nattsjel, not because of some well known names. Especially if VIDSYN has recorded so good mini album
and became one of my very favourite Norwegian bands nowadays. Of course you’ll find black-metal style here, that’s obvious,
right? To make it short, „On Frostbitten Path Beneath” is kind of raw, grim, atmospheric and totally cold black-metal album
in the vein of the elder recordings from ULVER, SATYRICON, ENSLAVED and even DARKTHRONE (but here it’s rather some latest
releases, like “Ravishing Grimness”) and IMMORTAL – so I’m talking about typical Norwegian sound… Norwegian black-metal with
its grim, cold atmosphere and the picture of northern winter, of the nature enslaved in ice and mountains covered in snow.
Definitely, VIDSYN was able to catch that feeling, refresh something known from such albums like „Bergtatt”, „Shadowthrone”,
„For All Tid”… Something we were missing for quite long time now. And that’s why I enjoyed „On Frostbitten Path Beneath” a lot.
I’ll add that most of the music is played in slow, rhythmical tempos, with a little dose of melody (in „Evil Rises Darkness Falls”
for example), but there’re also some faster riffings… So, every black-metal maniac will find something he personally likes most.

Don’t hesitate then to look for VIDSYN – it should be also available on vinyl…
Buy it and enjoy one of the best black-metal titles of the year.

P666............................................................90 / 100

Added: December 6, 2004
Reviewer: Marcin
Score: 90/100