Vidsyn / Taake - Men Of Eight / Lagnonector (10" split vinyl)

Vidsyn - Men Of Eight
Taake - Hennes Kalde Skamlepper

Recording line-up Vidsyn:
Nattsjel: Guitars and Vocals.
Aquilion: Guitars.
Decepticon: Bass.
Assar: Drums.

Additional female vocals preformed by Anette Guldbrandsen.

All music / lyrics and arrangements by Vidsyn
Layout and design by Assar.

Recorded in Space Valley Studio, July 2005.
Engineered and mixed by H. Ramseth and Vidsyn.

Recording line-up Taake:
Hoest: Vocals, Instruments, Lyrics, Music

All music / lyrics and arrangements by Taake
Layout and design by Hoest.

Recorded in Cobra Island Studio 2005 v/Serpentor.
+ Shockwave Studio v/Atynax.

Pressed: 1000 copies.
Mastered at Studio Q by Tom Horn.


1. Vampire Magazine
2. Norsk Svartmetall

Vampire Magazine

SPLIT 10" (Agonia Records)
Reviewed by Marcel on Thursday 13 April 2006.

In 2005 Høst from Taake decided to put the band on ice and during the Hole in the Sky festival in Bergen, August 2005 Taake did one final goodbye gig. But to many people's surprise Høst went into studio again to record "Lagnonector" for this split 10" mini-album together with Vidsyn.

On Taake's side you'll find "Lagnonector", a twelve minute long dark journey through the fog surrounded mountains. All vocals and instruments are played by Høst himself and musically this rather long track shows quite some different aspects from the band. This track actually can be divided into three parts. The first part includes almost hypnotizing guitar riffs with 'galloping' drums underneath but then the song enters the second part where the pace is lowered to a minimum and only single strikes on the guitar's strings can be heard but before you know it a very cool mid-paced middle section takes you to the next level. The bass-lines underneath play some really cool lines, followed by some very extreme, sickening, schizophrenic-alike vocals. Definitely another great Taake song and hopefully upcoming releases will continue in this direction.

On Vidsyn's side you'll find "Men of eight" which continues in the same line as "On frostbitten path beneath", the debut mini-album from 2004. Just like this mini-album also "Men of eight" contains great Norwegian underground black metal with influences from Immortal (their later albums). The sound is far above average within the underground black metal scene which makes Vidsyn stand out above many others. Can't wait to hear the band's debut album and I'm sure Vidsyn will become one of the most interesting and promising bands from nowadays black metal scene.

As said, this mini-album comes in a limited edition of 1000 copies on 10" vinyl with double-sided cover. A must for vinyl-collectors!

Norsk Svartmetall

Vidsyn/Taake split 10” Agonia Records 2006.

Two of the modern Norwegian scenes heavy weights. Both having more relevance than the likes of Gorgoroth and Dark Throne in keeping Norwegian Black Metal alive at its underground source.

Vidsyn appear with ‘Men of Night’, and the Immortal clad Black Metal barrage is evident once more. A wall of berated guitars lead the lengthy track through ‘The Heart of Winter’ territory, evoking that decisive Nordic atmosphere with precision and fiery passion. www.vidsyn.net

Taake appear with, ‘hennes kalde skamlepper’, A typical blasting romp across serrated riffs and bleeding vocals that subside into slower end section that bares this bands strengths. Here rests the underlying Taake experience of melodies reacting with distortion and trancelike guitar harmonies. If you need to hear a near perfect Black Metal masterpiece, get this slab of vinyl and be amazed. Taake are one of the finest Norwegian acts out there at the moment and this is the highlight of this split. http://taake.cjb.net | Label www.agoniarecords.com