06.03.2008 - Video
Added a brand new Vidsyn music video!

03.02.2008 - Interview
Added a new interview with Beccamorti zine

03.07.2007 - Interview
Added a new interview with Volchv Magazine

03.07.2006 - Pictures
Updated live picture section with photos from from the release
concert of Koldbrann at Rock In.

18.06.2006 - Videos
Added a whole concert under the video section.
All songs are preformed at Legions Of The North 2002.

30.04.2006 - Discography
Added the first review of the Vidsyn VS. Taake 10" split.
Review done by Vampire Magazine.

29.04.2006 - Media, pictures
Added some pictures from our last gig at Trysil Rock.

14.04.2006 - Discography
Elveblestival 2005 DVD have been added


15.03.2008 - Ragnarok
Decepticon is now a fulltime member of the Norwegian blackmetal act Ragnarok.

06.03.2008 - Music video!!
Finally the first Vidsyn music video ever is completed!
It's the song Take Me Up To Higher Ground, taken from the On Frostbitten Path Beneath MCD.
Captured in November 2005 but the tapes were hidden and have collected dust since then.

03.07.2007 - Nebular Mystic
Decepticon are now a fulltime member of the Norwegian blackmetal act called Nebular Mystic!
He will do the bass in studio and live.

06.09.2006 - Aquilion kicked from the band.
For diffrent reasons Aquilion are kicked from the band and will no longer be a part of Vidsyn.

30.05.2006 - Vidsyn support act for Koldbrann
KOLDBRANN will have a release-concert for their new album "Moribund", at Rock In in Oslo (Norway) on Sunday the 25th of June. Special guests / support will be VIDSYN. Tickets will be sold at the door. Price: 70 NOK (150 NOK including "Moribund" CD!). 20 years age limit.

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