06.03.2008 - Video
Added a brand new Vidsyn music video!

03.02.2008 - Interview
Added a new interview with Beccamorti zine

03.07.2007 - Interview
Added a new interview with Volchv Magazine

03.07.2006 - Pictures
Updated live picture section with photos from from the release
concert of Koldbrann at Rock In.

18.06.2006 - Videos
Added a whole concert under the video section.
All songs are preformed at Legions Of The North 2002.

30.04.2006 - Discography
Added the first review of the Vidsyn VS. Taake 10" split.
Review done by Vampire Magazine.

29.04.2006 - Media, pictures
Added some pictures from our last gig at Trysil Rock.

14.04.2006 - Discography
Elveblestival 2005 DVD have been added

04.04.2006 - New song excerpt
Added "Men Of Eight" mp3 excerpt from the "Vidsyn vs Taake 10" split"

18.03.2006 - Concert section updated
South Of Heaven #23 and Trysil Rock added

26.02.2006 - Diverse updates
Done some updates today:
Added a new concert in the Concert section.
Updated members section with two new bands for Decepticon.
Interview done by Panzerfeust Magazine added.
Updated Merchandise and Discography section with the new Vidsyn VS. Taake 10" Gatefold split.

30.10.2005 - Interview update
Interview done by screammagazine nr. 98 (in Norwegian) added.

09.08.2005 - Some updates
Live pictures from a festival called Furustokk have been added and a new review of the MCD done by Robert de Leeuw at Zwaremetalen.

27.07.2005 - Concert update
Updated concert section.

30.06.2005 - Interview update
Added a interview done by Leslie from Stygian Shadows Zine.

06.06.2005 - Merchandise update
The merchandise page has been updated and redesigned.

04.06.2005 - Pictures
Updated site with pictures from United Metal Maniacs festival.

27.04.2005 - New review
A review from Demonized Blessing Fanzineis added, 9/10.

18.04.2005 - Review and discography section updated
A review from Mordor Magazine is added and also both MLP and Pic LP to the discography section.

24.03.2005 - Review and picture section updated
Updated the site with a review from Le Horde Noire and added 5 pictures from a support gig with Gorgoroth at Hydranten.

08.02.2005 - Interview section updated
Damned Empire zine.

29.01.2005 - Concert section updated
Added date and info.

29.01.2005 - Review section
Added a review by Les Acteurs de l'Ombre.

26.01.2005 - Audio
Updated the audio section with excerpts from the whole MCD.

13.12.2004 - Updated Interviews
New interview done by Vampire Magazine.

11.12.2004 - Updated Discography
On Frostbitten Path Beneath MCD review by Vampire Magazine.

06.12.2004 - Updated Discography
The first On Frostbitten Path Beneath MCD review added.

10.10.2004 - Updated Discography
On Frostbitten Path Beneath MCD is added.

10.10.2004 - Want Lyrics?
You find lyrics under discography

Click on the albumcover of the release you want to view.
Then click on one of the songs on the right side.
Then a new side will reveal itself, there you can read the lyrics.

07.09.2004 - Tour dates added
Tour dates under concerts section.

29.08.2004 - Live line-up added
Added names for the live line-up under members section.

10.07.2004 - New Review added
New review of the demo entitled On Frostbitten Path Beneath added (in Norwegian).

09.07.2004 - New Interview added
Interview with Eternal Terror added (in Norwegian).

25.06.2004 - Website
The new website is up and running!


15.03.2008 - Ragnarok
Decepticon is now a fulltime member of the Norwegian blackmetal act Ragnarok.

06.03.2008 - Music video!!
Finally the first Vidsyn music video ever is completed!
It's the song Take Me Up To Higher Ground, taken from the On Frostbitten Path Beneath MCD.
Captured in November 2005 but the tapes were hidden and have collected dust since then.

03.07.2007 - Nebular Mystic
Decepticon are now a fulltime member of the Norwegian blackmetal act called Nebular Mystic!
He will do the bass in studio and live.

06.09.2006 - Aquilion kicked from the band.
For diffrent reasons Aquilion are kicked from the band and will no longer be a part of Vidsyn.

30.05.2006 - Vidsyn support act for Koldbrann
KOLDBRANN will have a release-concert for their new album "Moribund", at Rock In in Oslo (Norway) on Sunday the 25th of June. Special guests / support will be VIDSYN. Tickets will be sold at the door. Price: 70 NOK (150 NOK including "Moribund" CD!). 20 years age limit.

21.04.2006 - Vidsyn VS. Taake
Norwegian customers can now order the Vidsyn/Taake 10" split from the merhcandise section.

15.04.2006 - Elveblestivalen 2005
You can now watch Vidsyn on DVD! A live gig at Elveblestivalen 2005 was filmed and are now finished

18.04.2006 - Confirmed gigs
Vidsyn will replace Grotesque Hysterectomy at South Of Heaven #23. Date for this event is 07.04.2006 and it is with Infensus and Dead Trooper. More info about this under concert section.

Vidsyn will also play at Trysil Rock the 12.04.2006

25.10.2005 - Confirmed gig
Vidsyn have been asked to support Nebular Mystic at their release concert in Hamar, Nor. The date for this gig is 11.19.05

27.06.2005 - High Voltage Radio
Vidsyn have been aired on the radio the past weekend and you can listen to it the next weekend to. Tune in to High Voltage FM101.1 (Oslo radio in Norway) on sunday - Vidsyn will air between 9:00pm - 11:00pm. More info at go.to/high-voltage

27.06.2005 - Elveblest
See us live at Elveblestivalen the 20th of August. More info at the official site Elveblestivalen.org

24.06.2005 - New song recorded
Vidsyn have now recorded a new song for the upcomming 7" split with Taake. The song is entitled "Men Of Eight" and was recorded in Space Valley Studio, Norway. Release date will be announced later.

06.06.2005 - More merchandise aviable
More merchandise have been added:
Vidsyn - On Frostbitten Path Beneath MLP 10" Gatefold
Vidsyn - On Frostbitten Path Beneath t-shirt

The Merchadise page aldo got a good facelift.

22.05.2005 - 10" Gatefold MLP
Vidsyn - On Frostbitten Path Beneath 10" Gatefold MLP have arrived, more info on how to obtain this vinyl soon. The MLP is limited to 1000 copies and contains a bonus song.

22.05.2005 - Full-time members
The 3 live session members that have been a part of Vidsyn's live shows for the last 7-8 months have now agreed to become a part of Vidsyn on a full time basis!

Hopefully this will have a good effect on the new songs currently under development.

More info about Aquilion, Decepticon and Assar under the member's section.

22.05.2005 - United Metal Maniacs
We have returned from Germany and like to thank Roter and his crew for an excellent arrangement.
Despite the weather a good crowd of people stood out in the rain cheering for us so we are more then satisfied with the gig.

26.04.2005 - Album of the month
Vidsyn - On Frostbitten Path Beneath MCD have recieved the award as "album of the month" by Demonized Blessing Fanzine. Check it out at Demonized Blessing Fanzine website.

04.02.2005 - Xiabalba update
Vidsyn gig at Hydranten in Hamar, Norway the 12 th of february. We'll team up with Pantheon-I and play support for Gorgoroth, more info at Xiabalba.

16.01.2005 - 7" EP split with Taake
Vidsyn will soon start recording of an exclusive song
for a 7" EP split with Taake.

Taake have decided to exclusively use a song entitled
"Hordalands Doedskvad del 3" from their forthcoming full-length album entitled "...Doedskvad".

The name of the Vidsyn song will be officially announced later.

16.01.2005 - 7" EP split
Vidsyn are about to record a exclusive song, yet untitled,
for a 7" EP split with Taake.

Taake have decided to exclusively use a song entitled "Hordalands Doedskvad del 3"
from their forthcoming full-length album entitled "...Doedskvad".

06.01.2005 - United Metal Maniacs
Watch Vidsyn live at the United Metal Maniacs festival in Germany with bands like Kampfar, Enthroned, Pagan Rites etc.

The official website http://www.united-metal-maniacs.de/

06.12.2004 - First review
Just got the first review of the, 90/100 in Panzerfaust zine (Poland).
Read the whole review under discography.

13.11.2004 - Fucking typo!!!
Due to some fucked up designer mistake it now says Vindsyn instead of Vidsyn on the spine of the CD case!!!!! This is on the first 3000 copies, the next after that should be corrected.!!! I'm sorry about this, all I can say is that the damage is done...

10.10.2004 - On Frostbitten Path Beneath MCD!
The mcd is now released!. More info under discography section.
Information about where to obtain this will be added under merchandise section soon.

20.09.2004 - European tour postponed
It is with regret and sorrow that we will not be doing our European tour this October.
Impiety have decided to officially withdrawn from the tour and postpone it till next year, then Atomizer was forced to do the same, and despite all efforts from Filip and Agonia it could not be resolved.

We are devastated that this has occurred but there is nothing more we can do.

07.09.2004 - European tour
Tour with Atomizer and Impiety is confirmed! From 16th of October to 31th of October. More info under concerts section.

06.09.2004 - Release date set
The release date for the MCD will be 25th of September.
Here is the cover art preview for the release:

16.08.2004 - Art work delay
Due to some art work delay the MCD is set to be released in early September.
The MLP/PicLP will be released a month later.

06.06.2004 - Done recording
Vidsyn have now recorded and mixed 5 songs for the upcomming release of MCD/MLP/PicLP entitled
"On Frostbitten Path Beneath". The line up for the MCD is: Nattsjel (Guitars, Bass and Vocals), Nocturno Culto (Vocals), Hellhammer (Drums), Zet (Accoustic 6 and 12 strings), Assar (Guest vocals).

The MLP/PicLP will contain a bonus track, a cover of Immortal's "Whitstand The Fall Of Time". featuring Seidemann (1349), Agnete (Madder Mortem) and Evral (Wyruz).

The MCD/MLP/PicLP will be released in August through Agonia Records/Flesh For Beast Records!